Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 5, 2008

“Hand in hand” CCTV broadcast

Video Credit: Symbelmyn @ Youtube

This is just a clearer version of their “Hand in hand” performance, i’ve already talked about it here, but i’ve uploaded a clearer mp3 of the song and you can download that here

You guys know about the snow disaster in China right? Well Hangeng apparently donated 20,000yuan to help out (the presenter said that the donator would like to be anonymous, but the clue was that he’s a chinese artist who’s really popular in Korea yea it’s Hannie XD) He’s such an angel *—————* 20,000 might not be much compared to what some other people are giving, but he doesn’t actually earn that much, and for him to be thinking of the victims of the snow while he’s living in a foreign country and super busy, is really really awesome :DDDDD


  1. aww… hangen is such a sweetheart<3
    yeah that snow disaster is terrible. there were like half a mil. people stuck at the guangzhou train station. and this is like the busiest traveling time for new year and stuff you know?

  2. awww hankyung is so sweet!! ^^
    and the fact that he had asked to be anonymous ^^
    *watches video*…
    hankyung + ZLY look cute together! like in a sister brother sort of way

    eh the video is screwing up for me and the audio doesnt match the visual XD
    ah wells but damn the fans r even louder than hankyung XD hes so soft !!

  3. Nathica:
    The snow disaster IS terrible, especially at this time of the year, when everyone should be having a good time celebrating with family members ;___;
    Speaking of the Guangzhou train station incident, my uncle was actually stuck there (he does business in Guangzhou) and this newspaper interviewed him lol XD

    The fans are so LOUD, they should just be quiet and appreciate the music :DDD
    It’s so sweet how he asked to remain anonymous~~ most celebs would’ve broadcasted it on national television =.=

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