Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 6, 2008

★Happy Chinese New Year★


I didn’t get a chance to do this for Christmas/New year, so I’m doing it now because otherwise i’d have to wait till Easter, and not everyone celebrates Easter (actually not everyone celebrates Chinese New Year either….but shhhhh :P )

Anyway…it’s been 3 months since I started “let’s all eat candy”, and I just want to thank everyone for reading my super random (and at times incoherent) posts ILU <33333, and to those who have commented Thank you for taking the time to do so, I always feel so loved when I come on and read your comments :DDD *group hug!!*

I hope that you’ll all have a AWESOME Chinese New Year and have a lovely time celebrating with family/friends/imaginary friends :D (if you don’t celebrate it then i just hope that you’ll have an awesome day :D) And for those of you who still get given money for Chinese New Year, I hope that you’ll get lots of money and spend it all on pretty boyband merchandise XDDD

P.S: I EXPECT PRESENTS!!! (just kidding :P)


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *showers you with traditional chinese food and money and presents*
    Thanks for your effort in keeping this blog updated and so fun! It always gives me something to look fwd to when I come home (yes I have no life) XD ahaha
    and i’m sure all my chinese new yr money WILL go towards pretty boyband merchandise xP

    its holiday in malaysia because of CNY:D at lastt
    just wanna say yr blog is just sooo fun xD thanks for ALL yr effort :D keep up the good work, & keep spreading the korean boyband virus xD hhwaiting!
    & guess what?
    today they will air DBSK concert 2nd asia tour malaysia on tv
    and tomorrow they will air “the kings man parody” the one tht jj fell xD
    and on saturday MKMF 2006 <3 ahaha
    i will be sitting infront of the tv 24/7 :P

    KUNG HEI FAT CHOI [ canto .. i think ><]
    CHUC MUNG NAM MOI [ viet ]

    wishing you a wonderful year with full of luck,health,wealth& happiness and that you will enjoy the new year with your loved ones
    Also, hope you will have lots of lucky money XDDD

    well like the other 2 girls, i too, would like to say THANKYOU for blogging ^___^
    your blogs make me feel a step closer to DBSK XD

    thanks so much for all your time & hard work =]
    i’m looking forward to more random blogs xDDDD

    <333333333333 MinJee

  4. Candychu:
    *takes all the stuff that you’ve given me and runs away*XDDD
    Aww you think my blog is fun?? YAYYY *throws confetti* i feel so accomplished now lol XDDD
    I’m already planning what i’m going to do with my new years money heeeeeheeeee

    You are very very welcome :D
    And Oooo lucky you, you get a holiday!!
    It sounds like you have really good TV channels over there…..*jealous*

    I can’t understand Cantonese or Vietnamese but Thanks!!! :DDD
    I enjoy posting my random thoughts on here, and i’m glad that some people actually like reading them!! XDDD Don’t know how often i’ll be able to update once Uni starts….but i’ll do my best :D

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