Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 7, 2008

“If…” “Close to you” “Keyword” single convers

Credit: Koreachocolate for the Junsu cover, and Baidu + Pingbook for the Yunho and Jae ones







Ok raise your hand if you think the photoshopped window view on Yunho’s single cover looks weird xP

Can’t wait to preview their solos, hope they all do really well :DDD

(latest news on Changmin’s single is that it’s ranked #10 on Oricon and #2 on the Tower Records chart :DDDD I really like the pictures from his single, i’ll post them up in a bit)


  1. *raises both hands*
    i scrolled down to look at jae’s then back up…the outside is kinda not part of the colour scheme =.=” though the storm looks quite pretty (despite me having a fear of them) the blue screams out “look at me look at me” and i would much rather be staring at yunho’s sexy jaw line XD
    but hey…are they sitting on a bed?

  2. *raises hand*
    Yes, ma’am! It’s weird for the title!
    Ooh…but nice black bed in his backdrop~!*startthinkingsomethingelse* XD
    And JaeJoong’s one! What ‘keyword’!! ^^;;
    Thanx for sharing~!

  3. Candychu:
    I know, it’s like they’re looking all hot sitting on/around the bed and the tiny blue square is just screaming out “LOOK AT MEEE I’M PRETTY AND BRIGHT AND BLUE” XD

    It is weird for the title! the single’s called “close to you” yet there’s a picture of a thunderstorm…WTH??
    and yes i like the addition of the bed too XDDD
    I have no idea what “Keyword” means…maybe we’re meant to put in our own word there??

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