Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 7, 2008

Micky + Changmin’s Single promotion

Credit: Koreanchocolate for telling me about Changmin’s and Minjee4micky for telling me about Micky’s :D (You are both awesome Squishies and ILU <333)

I’m going to embed Micky’s video first because it’s got a translation XD (video credit: yoochunsa64a @ Youtube)

The Uploader’s translation:

YC: hello, it’s YC. my solo song is called “my girlfriend,” and it’s a sweet & smooth medium-tempo song. and, accordingly with how it’s arranged, the meaning of the song is…
JJ: it’s my turn, right? [lol!]
YC: ah, not yet.^^ i think you’ll like the song. and….
JJ: my turn? [lol]
YC: not yet. lol! and there’s a rap in the song as well, in english, and…
JJ: [in chinese] how are your mom and dad? [lol!]
YC: lol! in chinese all of a sudden! i think you’ll like it, so i hope that all of you will look forward to it and listen to it: “my girlfriend”~^^
JJ: my turn?
YC: lol! not yet~

LOL Jae is so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE, I love how he keeps interrupting Micky, it kinda reminds me of little kids who keep saying “are we there yet” on car trips; poor Micky XDDD I also looooooove Jae’s little Chinese line, he is so ador[k]able XD

I’ve already uploaded the radio version of Micky’s “Runaway” here

Changmin’s single promotion (video credit: emoso89 @ Youtube)

No idea what he’s saying :D

The boys play with this wooden holder thing that has a ball attached to it on a string, and basically the aim is to try get the ball back on the wooden holder – lovely description i know – I think i’ve only ever played this once because I have zero patience with toys like this XD

Anyway, Junsu, Micky, and Changmin all succeed at getting their ball back on the holder thing, but Jae and Yunho who are less “gifted” in this game, fail to get their ball back on the holder XD – btw i love Jae’s expression when he fails, it’s like he’s saying “boo. whatever. i never wanted to play with it anyway, my Barbie dolls are so much better-er” XDDD

I’ve already uploaded a fuzzy preview version of Changmin’s “Two Hearts” here (don’t ask me for the CD version, i’m not going to upload it)


  1. well actually changmin’s single promotion is this ahah
    basiacally he is explaining abt his single and then yunho appeared lol xD saying why did he released the same they of his birthday lol, and then changmin replied because im changmin-SAMA!! ahahah

    tht link tht i gave you was RANKIN SHUFFLE NEO
    they will appear every week & i heard everyweek they will be a diff toy xD ahahah, isnt tht cute? im just wanna clear tht out if someone might misunderstood it :D

  2. LOL the 2nd clip of them playin that game is so cute XD
    they had only one try and those who got it were like “OMG i did it XD” LOL =]~
    so funny how JaeHo were so hyped up abt it at the start but they failed .. LOL xP
    Junsu’s like ‘oh yea i knew it,too good’ LOL and the others were teasing/bullying him again LOLS
    Micky was just suprised but he looked like he did it with ease XD
    i really loved Changmins reaaction when he did it hehe his laugh was so dorkie XD and then clappin and spinnin around . omg too cute XDDD
    haha Jae was so shattered and everyone was like “dw its ok, its ok.” awww ~
    Yunho was like like :O ‘ah damn’ haha

    haha so funny how Junsu and Changmin’s saying of “wild” > “wildO” LOLS !

  3. ^korean chocolate: lol wat did changmin mean when he said “im changmin sama” ?? xD i only did jap for a yr so ur gonna hv to explain to me wat he said hahaha
    lol jae is such a dork XD

  4. candydchu:
    oh ahaha SAMA! means like someone who you describe are really REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!really big! it is use when you are addressing a person much higher in rank than oneself. (LOL) i sound like im lecturing or smthg ahah -_-
    ahaha btw by that, changmin meant he has a much higher rank then yunho xD or smthg like tht. ahah he thinks his VIP now ahah

  5. ^koreanchocolate: LOL i figured it would’ve meant something like that XD trust changmin to say that to Yunho!! LOL such a funny boy that one
    ahahaha well he sure is a VIP to me ^^
    thanks for explaining to me haha

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