Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 8, 2008

Full Japanese Purple Line MV!

Video Credit: chunjae64 @ Youtube

Can you tell the difference between this one and their Korean one? I can’t :D Infact I had to watch this next to the Korean one to determine that it really IS the Japanese one =.=” (and I still had to watch it three times to make sure LOL)

But if anyone can spot the difference (Nanshi!!) Please enlighten me :D [Because I have read so many people comment on how “the Japanese version is so much better” *rolls eyes*]


  1. YEAYY! thank you!!! xD
    diff……. -_-
    except yunho’s rap was a lil diff, thts all i can spot. erghh depress haha, can someone tell me the diff please, i feel so ..SLOW? ahahahha

  2. different language?

  3. lol – they did use some of the same footage from the Korean one, the only slight differences are the poses, hand gestures, head tilts, and Yunho’s famous “OMG!” pose (in the Korean one, his head was tilted more)

    So, in other words, they’re no different at all. LOL

  4. There’s no noticeable differences. I think the beat of the Korean one might be a *little* bit faster (only negligibly). The only difference is that well, you can tell that they were filmed separately because I think the boys look considerably more drained during some shots of the Korean one instead of the Japanese one. Some people might like the beat and flow of the Japanese one better (I know I do) and therefore like the Japanese MV better. The small differences are only differences because of the people…! DBSK are not robots. And I just made myself real dizzy by watching BOTH MVs opened in two different windows to give you this report. Yunho’s rap solo dance definitely had a lot more energy in the Japanese one; he definitely looked a little drained and Junsu’s mini-dance solo (at the beginning) was a little different in the Korean one too (his moves weren’t as sharp in the Japanese one) and aside from some small variations in closeups (especially at the beginning)… there were no other big differences. And the ones I pointed out are only noticeable if you’re watching them side-by-side (like I psychotically did) and willing to give yourself a mild headache because of it.

  5. Koreanchocolate:
    I couldn’t spot any difference either XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *hi5s*

    My thoughts exactly ;)

    LOL Yunho’s “OMG” pose XDDDD I still can’t get over that XD
    Wow, you noticed different HEAD TILTS??? O.O you are very observant…
    But idk I was expecting the Japanese one to have a whole new scene or something lol

    Lol i tried watching them side by side (one on youtube, the other on real player) but i could only endure that for a mere 20 seconds before i gave up because one was slightly ahead of the other and i was getting a headache =.=
    The MVs are so alike i’m wondering why SM didn’t just film one and just play different music over it (like they did for the Chinese versions of My Little Princess and The Way You Are) but you’re right, they do look tired in the Korean one :( But what do you mean about the flow of the Japanese one being better? (they sound so alike to me…)

  6. Japanese is more rhythmic, so for such a rhythmic song, it’s only kinda natural that the Japanese one would sound nicer, methinks. I think since they released both songs (or are going to release both songs), it would be better if they filmed it separately… I would’ve liked different themes for the MVs, but eh… whatever. It might be just cause I’m more used to hearing the Japanese one that I like it more. But I think Micky sounds more edgy in the Korean one (even though he sounds more nasally)… it’s weird, but how like I don’t like listening to Rising Sun or O in Japanese, it’s kind of the same feeling… even though a lot of people are preferring the Korean version, I can’t help but still like the Japanese one more.

  7. ohhs yea i notice some parts .. just simpel ones like Nanshi has mentioned .. Yunho solo dance was very different .. and junsu solo .. and jaejoong at the start was very different by head movements … i say the jap version was faster .. it seemed faster to me .. or i’m just slow XD

    and i also cant get over the “omg pose” XDD so cute !

  8. Nanshi:
    I prefer listening to the Korean “O” and “Rising Sun” too, though I do like the Japanese Rising Sun MV better. Like you, i think that they should’ve filmed two separate MVs for Purple Line, like they did for “O” and Rising Sun.
    I still don’t know which version I prefer listening to though, personally i’m always partial to their Korean songs, but idk, i think that i’ve just gotten too used to hearing the Japanese version this time…

    lol I love how you guys are all making these really detailed observations, I just went “Oh, different lipsynching” when i watched it XDDD

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