Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 8, 2008

JYP’s Trainees introduction

Video Credit: mrshyukjae @ Youtube

I’m not posting this so everyone can bash them. If you don’t think that you can watch this and not think abusive thoughts then BYEEE *waves*

Basically it’s a short 3 minutes clip showing the 13 trainees from JYP, taken from the reality show that’s being aired on Mnet [I haven’t watched it] Each of the boys comes out one by one and spends about 10 seconds introducing themselves and sings/dances/does something unusual. The uploader has kindly written a brief summary of what was written on the video next to each boy, and I’ll post that below this paragraph. I’m not going to come to a conclusion about these boys talents because 10 seconds is not enough to judge whether or not someone has talent/potential, but I am eager to see who will get into the final group (My personal favourites are Li Shi Qi, and Park Jae Bum, just because one’s cute and the other one has the whole “cool” vibe going on ;) Who’s yours?)

For the non-koreans, here’s a list of them, in order according to the video.

1. Jang Woo Young
1989. Winner of JYP’s 1st public audition 2007.

2. Im Dae Hun
1986, also the oldest. Lived in the states for 6 years, was a finalist of the 2006 Asian American Popstar Contest.

3. Kim Jun Su
1988. One of the better singers. He’s pretty popular because he shares the same name as Xiah Junsu of DBSG. Also, he’s friends with GDYB of bigbang. Funny thing is, I got to know him through YoungBae’s cyworld. Haha. I was all “WHAT? Xiah is friends with YB?..Oh right another Junsu..hmm JYP??”. You see, the jyp trainees aren’t afraid to let the world know that they’re in JYP. Hehe.

4. Jung Jin Woon.
1991, the youngest.

5. Hwang Chan Sung
1990. He was the first to leave on JYP’s superstar survival but was called back to be a trainee. He also acted in Highkick.

6. Nichkhun.
1988. He’s Thai American. Born in America, moved to Thailand when he was 2 (because his parents didn’t want him to forget his heritage), moved back to the US for highschool. He was scouted during Rain’s concert in the US.

7. Im Seul Ong

8. Yoon Doo Joon

9. RiSeuChi . Li Shi Qi
1990. He’s Chinese. :)

10. Ok Taek Yeon
1988. That weirdo from Boston. LOL.

11. Lee Jun Ho
1990. Winner of JYP’s Superstar survival. Famous because of his resemblance to Rain.

12. Jo Kwon.
1989. He was with JYP since he was 12 (in 2001). He got into JYP the same way as Sunye of Wonder Girls. I LOVE his voice. He’s one of the most popular according to votes from fans and I can totally see why. I love him too. :)

13. Park Jae Bum
1987. He was personally handpicked by JYP in LA. I heard his rapping is pretty good and that he’s the best dancer among the trainees.



  1. OoOohs . i havent really been following these guys much .. but after watching that clip .. kinda interesting boys they are.. well theese are my thoughts on the boys in order :

    1. dancing is alrite
    2. i dont really like his singing ..
    3. i like his voice .. very nice
    4. i like his voice at teh end .. sweet
    5. not bad of a dancer . tried too hard i think ..
    6. idk what he said .. so no comment ~
    7&8 . wat the ? LOLS
    9. i like his voice and his english is very good
    10. WTH ?! O_O weird .. NEXT ~
    11. he can do flips XD
    12. his cute XD [ i have a thing with guys and long hair XD ] LMAO STAR WARS !!
    13. yea this guy does look like Rain, his eyes … and his rappiin is good
    14. love his voice its so cute XD
    15. yea for sure his the best dancer in this group XD

  2. The chinese guy is a cutie :D
    and the last guy has mad dancing skills!

  3. Minjee4micky:
    The star wars guy is so o.O WTH?! LOL
    I thought that the Rain guy WAS Rain, omg, when he came out I was like….WHATS RAIN DOING HERE?!?!?!

    Great minds think alike ;)

  4. Totally weird.
    Almost ALL of them.
    Are famous now~!!!
    2AM and 2PM baby~!!
    Watch it. 2PM and 2AM are famous.

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