Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 8, 2008

Secret to the Trick single covers?

Credit: Koreanchocolate for the heads up and Candychu for uploading the image :D

Image Hosted by

I’ve reuploaded the image here 

Koreanchocolate left me a comment this morning in Talk.Share that if you combine the Trick single covers then the pictures actually blends together. When I read that I was like “… o_O……”

But thankfully Candychu uploaded the image for me so I was able to look at it and go OHHHHHH :O [Except it took about 5 minutes for it to click XD] See, Micky’s hand is on Junsu’s seat, the plant in Runaway is also in Keyword, the clothes hanger thing goes into Two Hearts, and the lamp from that one goes into Yunho’s Close to You :DDD

Except now that I know the order….the “sentence” doesn’t make any sense at ALL – “If…” “Runaway” “Keyword” “Two hearts” “Close to you”…… Is that supposed to MEAN something?? Like even if you change “Keyword” into another word the sentence still does not make sense..Unless…”If [Smurfs] Runaway [into] Two Hearts Close to you”……xP

I wonder if Avex or SM will sell a poster with all those pictures linked together…


  1. LOL you truly are a special girl ^^
    after trying to find where this pic came from for like 5 minutes i finally found it off baidu…
    so lostdestiny92@Baidu might be the “proper” credits XD hahaha
    i reckon they should’ve linked the pictures so that the sentence actually makes sense…coz i have a feeling that AVEX/SM didnt realise that the title are supposed to correspond with the image XD AHAHA…lol i make them sound so dumb…but its not my fault they cant even make a proper acronym/acrostic poem

  2. LOL omg i thought that something like this would happen but still damn its so cool !!! OMG WHOAHS XDDDD
    too bad it doesnt go in the order of the word T.R.I.C.K . oh wells, i still find it cools =]

  3. Candychu:
    Maybe SM wants us to use our imagination and be creative??
    Omg my friend saw this internship position for “Boys Like Girls” record lable (american band) and she wanted to apply, imagine if SM offered internships??

    I find it extremely cool too, i really want to find a poster of this…..

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