Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 11, 2008

Suju’s ENGLISH introductions on Unbelievable Outing

Video Credit: mizzqtpnai @ Youtube


I watched this at my parents office and as I watched it I started laughing like a maniac and everyone was like “o.O is the boss’s daughter mentally ill….” XDDDD But when you watch it you’ll understand….

A MC introduced himself first, and I smiled cause he sounded so cute, then Shindong introduced himself, and that’s when I started LOL. Shindong introduced himself as Dong.Shen XDDD. Anyway, after Shindong, another MC went and told everyone that he likes Soju, and said “You mother father” o.O wth?? LOL I think he was trying to be gangsta ^^

And then YESUNG (or should I say Sung Ye XDDDDD) who said that he likes “beautiful girl” XD The MC after him quoted some english lyrics (i think, they sounded like lyrics)

Sungmin went next, and OMG HE MADE ME MELLLLT. He looks ADORABLE, and he said “hi…my name is Sungminnie…no.1 singer in Super Junior” *——-* YOU’RE SO CUTE SUNGMIN, I WANT TO EAAAAAT YOU XDDD The MC after Sungmin quoted a line from a horror movie, I think the line was meant to be “I see dead people”, but he said it like “I see [deees] people” oo and he looked like a catfish while he was doing that XD he then started to quote Titanic, and omg I will never be able to watch that scene with a straight face ever again XD (he said “Jack…Jack”…except he kinda sounded like a bird dying XDDD)

Eunhyuk went next and quoted some hip pop lyrics (except I couldn’t really distinguish them) and Kangin pulled his hair cause he was making no sense XD so in the end he just said “Hi~~~” LOL. Next was DONGHAE, who sounded SO SO SO CUTE. He said “Hi, my name is Aiden Lee (OMG *screams*) my habit (??) is watching tv and listening music I shopping”, but THEN he finished with “jian dao ni hen gao xing” which is Chinese for “Pleased to meet you” XDD IS HE TRYING TO GET A JOB IN THE UNITED NATIONS OR SOMETHING XDDDDDD

Ok, the above is pretty inhocerent….but I can’t help it, I loooooooooove it when they speak english (their English lesson on Full House is my favourite episode :D ) except now everyone at my parents work probably think that I need to go see a shrink XDDDD HEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEE

P.S: Where’s Kangin’s introduction??


  1. omg the way sungmin was having a spasm shivering at the start was so cute ^^
    argh! donghae in a beani! *dies*
    lol im gonna hva to keep scrolling up and down to type this comment XD
    AHAHAHA that MC is it? hes cute “i…i…i dont know…(what to say?)” LOL
    AHAHAHHAHAHA LMAO I just got the “Dong Shin” LOL
    um did i just hear the second MC swear? O_O
    omg wen sungmin said “hi o__o my name is sung-min-nie” i was like *awwwww*
    AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA “ohh..i see dead ppl” OMG AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg i just rewatched that and my heart is hurting from laughing
    omg LMAO HE DID IT AGAIN!!! OMG im dying…a slow and painful death LOL sungmin is just like “err…im not ur mummy O_O”
    hmph* that guy just ruined titanic for me =.=” i had no idea wat he was saying (i thought it was another ghost movie reference) and then i saw the footage…stupid man XD
    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH was my reaction to eunhyuk. he is so sexy wen he raps…im loving him more and more ^^ even tho i hav no idea wat he was singing i liked the beat to that song…any idea wat its called? *replays*
    LOL i loved the way yesung made his way over nxt to eunhyuk XD
    argh XD his head mustve hurt wen kangin pulled it :P
    OMG *high pitched squeal* “hi my name is aiden lee” *MELTS* he has such an american accent wen he talks so casually like that *dies*
    i wanna know wat the subs said wen he was “floating” in the east sea XD
    ah…sigh… :D

  2. ahahaha this was hilarious XD

  3. the whole thing was awesome.
    my mom: did that guy just swear?
    me: um noo
    and then he did it again.
    my mom: O.o
    but sungmin came on and here’s my mom’s reaction
    sungmin…. awwww!!! (both)
    i see dead ppl and jack… we both laughed super hard. i fell outta my chair
    eunhyuk… grrowl ;) ok that was both of us
    donghae… i was like squee x2 and my mom was like he’s adorable. she wants to adopt those members now. if only that were possible.
    but kangin didn’t talk. wahhhh!!!!

  4. This was so cute and hilarious!
    I seriously love it when Donghae speaks English!!!
    It ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reminds me of Full House ep. 1 when he says WE CAN! :]
    and the chinese!!! “jian dao ni hen gao xing” I love to swoon over Donghae! He’s so adorable!!

  5. Candychu:
    Lol yea i noticed Donghae’s accent, I was melting all over the place XDDD
    That MC ruined Titanic for me too =.=
    I think someone needs to tell SuJu that they reversed their names wrong….like Yesung should be “Kim YeSung”, not “Sung Ye” XDDDDD

    Lol i know, believe me, i laughed VERY loudly lol XDDD

    Lol you’ve got a cool mum, my mum refuses to watch anything related to my boybands XD
    At first I didn’t hear that MC properly, and I thought he swore, but then he said it again, and i was just….why is he saying “mother FATHER”? LOL
    “i” want to adopt all of them too XD (even though that’s probably illegal cause they’re all older than me….meh, they can just adopt me LOL)

    I love hearing Donghae speak english too!!
    I love all the Full House english bits, he is so so so cute
    I hope he ends up being in SJC, i really want to hear him speak more Chinese :DDDD

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