Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 11, 2008

“T” offshot movie Subbed

Video Credit: Khy127 @ Youtube and GOE;SS for subbing :DDD

I’ve done a post on the unsubbed version here, but I must do another post on this because it’s subbed now :D

Ok so while they’re doing the photoshoot, they all get asked one by one what their first impression of the photoshoo place was. I don’t really understand their answers…..Changmin replied “baseball”, Jae talked about beating Changmin in baseball, and Junsu said “strawberries, strawberries, I want to eat strawberries” o.O ???? LOL. Well my first impression of the set was “ewwww dirty deserted car park” XDDD

Micky plays a song that he composed on the piano, apparently it’s on the new album, but I don’t recognise it… doesn’t sound like “Kiss”….. :S

Anyway after their photoshoot they get to take a break and go to this little island; I love how when they were all standing there Jae went “What i’m most concerned about is….there’s a place there selling ice cream” XDDD But apparently there will be a full version of their “Enoshima mini holiday” so lets all look forward to that and rejoice when it comes out :DDDD (it’s so cute how Micky kept going “I feel so embarassed” hehehe)

I love how when Yunho was talking about his favourite song on the album Junsu kept singing and the other boys were all like “be quiet :| ” and apparently their song “Darkness Eyes” looks like Junsu?? LOL

Can’t wait to listen to my album….yea it’s still not here yet ;_____;

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