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DBSK commenting on Choosey lover+Step by Step+Begin+Dead End performances

Credit: Panhia87 @ Youtube for subbing, and Fin123 @ Soompi for translating :D

I’ll post fin123’s translation here just in case youtube doesn’t work for you :D

JS: those shadow girls…i cant see them at all
YC: wah~
JJ: ya! js, js….he’s pure…he cant see
YC: sexy
JJ: js cant see!
CM: js cant see…right?
JS: ya! every men can see but…
JJ& The rest: wah!!! good! (JJ is so loud)
JS: all men could see it but not me?
YH: everyone! cool down, cool down!
JS: why everyone can see it but me?
JJ: no choice, we cant help you too..
YC: choosy lover~ Yuchun!
JS: YC! there’s no you at all
JJ: this is good
JS: why do you have to shout out your name only?
JJ: you’re noisy!
YC: ya~ CM ah, your forehead is so envied and bright (i know it talks about forehead…but couldnt catch what was it really about)
YH: Ah…i guess everyone agrees that YC’s forehead is always so bright for sure (YH helping CM!! haha!)
JS: YC’s forehead is always so bright and envied
YC: JS, JS’s expression us for sure always weird eh…?
JS: but now…
CM: ya~
JS: though happy…
YC: ya~
JS: doesnt it looks kinda good now?
YC: ya~
YH: ya~JS!
YC: JS special! (Not sure of this part)
YH: Ah~ this part is where the cuteness start
YC: cuteness?
JS: how so? where?
YH: Now! now! JS!
YH: that’s not cute at all! it’s weird, weird!
YC: His eyes, cant see his eyes?
JS: can’t you see?
CM: what?
JS: is the feel…that feel
CM: what feel? what kinda of feel is there?
JS: [Step by Step] feel is so bright, cant you see i’m doing that now?
CM: ya~ he just looks like a elementary student…
YH: ya everyone together! this part!
oh! oh! oh!
YC: Put your hands up!
YH: Put your hands up, man!
YH: ah~ this part! this last part (sing)
JJ: ah~ this part is so good~ (note: JJ is praising himself)
JJ: everyone~ (everyone ignoring what JJ is trying to say)
CM: [Begin], do you know what it means? (CM testing JS’s IQ…LOL!)
JS: “Hajimate!” (in eng means Start)
(sigh from CM)
JS: CM!?
CM: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmz?
JS:Buck up!
JS: don’t underestimate me!
CM: AH! this rope!
YC: oh, this this! it’s that!
YH: these, these ropes were real tough…
CM: in real facts, JS couldnt climb up the ropes
JS: what…?
YC: “what?” (laugh)
CM: when we were filiming this part…
JS: eh? no,no…i could get on!
CM: you’re lying~
JS:i did!
CM: “i did”
YH: ah! the coolest part is here! [Dead End]
YH&JJ: and here it…..GOES!
here, here!
YC: 5,6,7,8
JS&YH: …….7,8
JS: we flew!
JJ: Amazing X4
CM: for this kind of jumping high part, we get so excited….
JS: to tell you the truth, at that moment, i felt like a bird
[making bird flapping sound – YC]
JJ: we used those pop-up 1st time in Japan!
that’s right~
JJ: and it was great!
YH: it was so fun!
JS: this is actually a powerful dance song right?
JS: but it was hot in that outfit…
CM: ah~ cause it was long etc
YH: yeah~but it was so cool-looking right? like army~
JS: ya~ cool-looking but…….ya

JJ: “I’m afraid of the answer…” (singing to the lyrics)
YC:”cause it’s JS!”
JJ: “i’m so in love….”
YC: “…..With JS!”
……moment of slient….

The translator cancelled out a part because she found out that it isn’t in this version of the video

I think this is what comes with the “T” album if you ordered the 2CD+2DVD version? (not that I can check, cause my album still hasn’t arrived, woot) Basically in this video they’re commenting on the Choosey lover+Step by Step+Begin+Dead End performances. Junsu is so noisy lol XDDD

I don’t get the question that Changmin asked Junsu, about what “Begin” means….can someone enlighten me on that?

Nanshi told me that the commentary for “Proud” is also out (watch it here) I can’t understand what they’re saying >___< but you can read Nanshi’s comment at the bottom of this page to get an idea of what their commentary was like :D I’ll do a post on it when it gets subbed, or when i get my HK version of the album (which will hopefully be subbed!)


  1. i was just about to ask if this was the “special edition” of FITB from T album and u answered my question ^^ lol argh now i desperately want my cd!!!! but the shop hasnt called me yet :S
    i hope the HK version will be subbed…i mean thats wat makes it the HK version right? *crosses fingers*
    lol wen jae said junsu is “pure” so he cant see those shadow girls pole dancing is he saying that the other four are not pure? xP
    ill enlighten you on changmin’s Q to junsu since changmin is my future husband and i understand him the best coz i think i hav an idea of wat he was talking about…since the song Begin is in english changmin was “testing” junsu’s english and so thats why junsu said “start” in japanese coz begin = start … yeh?

  2. Candychu:
    I keep ringing mum to see if my cd’s arrived, and she’s getting really annoyed with me now lol XD
    I really really really hope the HK version is subbed, even if it’s the translation on a piece of paper, i just want SOMETHING lol XD
    I don’t think that was the answer that Changmin was looking for though, cause he sounded really exasperated when Junsu said his answer, so i’m guessing that the answers meant to be something else? meh idk, Changmin’s too smart lol

  3. LOL *tries to tap into changmin’s mind*
    meh…too complicated for me XD

  4. Candychu:
    Lol i would love to have a conversation with him, he’d probably get so frustrated with me XDD

  5. JJ: “I’m afraid of the answer…” (singing to the lyrics)
    YC:”cause it’s JS!”
    JJ: “i’m so in love….”
    YC: “…..With JS!”
    ……moment of slient….


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