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DBSK’s new hairstyles

Picture Credit: 与浩同行﹪秋秋  @ Baidu Uknow Bar
Haven’t seen clear pictures of Junsu or Changmin yet….but i’m sure they’ll surface soon :D


I loooooooooooooooove their new hair!!!

I am so so so so so so glad that Yunho’s hair is shorter; sooooooooooo glad

And Micky’s hair is very chic, i love it <333

Jae……HE LOOKS LIKE AN OVERSIZE BLYTHE DOLL!!! XDDDDDD Very very pretty *—————-* [i was starting to get sick of the yellow hair, so yay :D]


  1. I honestly can’t profess to be a big fan. I strongly hate hate hate Micky’s shaggy ‘surfer-boy’ chick look. I liked him with short hair. Like the cover of AADBSK 2? Perfect. Yunho’s hair hasn’t changed that much, although it did get a color change and a much needed trim. I was watching some old performances of them, and I think I like Yunho’s haircut with it was dyed silver/gray the best. The color I could do with out, but I liked him a lot more with the short spikes. Changmin, no clear shots so far. Junsu’s is my favorite so far. It’s still short, but it has a cool “japanese like” coif to it which is uber cool and plus it is shredded with blonde/gold highlights, I think? Jae’s may have to …grow on me. COME BACK WHITE BLONDE QUIFF, I LOVED YOU!!!!! Not kidding. I LOVED that look, the white blonde fauxhawk thing he was rocking? This is probably my least favorite Jae haircolor. Actually, he had this color in “Miduhyo” and I remember distinctly thinking that that weird chin-length permed bob that he had with the auburn/chestnut hair color was probably one of my least favorite colors on him… and what does he do? Go back to the auburn chestnut haircolor. Not that he can’t pull it off, but it is probably one of the lesser-flattering shades on him. Maybe it’ll grow on me? And it’s a bit shorter than I expected and much too straight. Give it a little texture and give it more of a guy look. I have a feeling that this is either fresh-from-the-salon… and the boys haven’t had time to experiment yet (I think Jae is quite particular about his hair, actually)… so I’m hoping it’ll look better. Or I’ll get used to it. whatever. But yeah, I’m glad Jae got rid of the yellow hair. That was starting to be a little overdone.

    I love blythe dolls ^^ theyre so awesome…and they have cool clothes ^^v
    i love yunho’s hair…he looks like a really pretty girl O_O
    i hope changmin didn chnage his hair too much since it was perfect the way it was :P

  3. i agreee with Nanshi abt Micky’s hair . i dont like it here, and prefer it with his EHB hair XD
    Jae’s hair .. its a bit shorter than usual .. and so flat … i’m not used to it ..
    i liked everyones hair on the AADBSK 2 covers . except for Changmin, idk what Changmins’ hairstyle should be .. i guess i’ll just have to wait and see for more photos XD

  4. Nanshi:
    Lol, nice member by member analysis ;)
    K, i’m gonna try do one for you:
    Yunho – SO GLAD that he got a trim, SOOOO GLAAAAD. Don’t think i’ve ever seen a picture of him with silver/grey hair…but if by “short spikes” you’re referring to his Rising Sun hair, then :| can’t agree with you on that one, that was probably my least favourite Yunho hair. My favourite Yunho hairstyle is probably the way he had it on the FITB tour :D
    Jae – I DON’T love the colour, at all. It looks so…artificial? But i am rejoicing that he got the puss yellow out of his hair. Miduhyo hair? yea, wasn’t a fan of it. It looked way too feminine imo. So compared to that, and the puss yellow, i LOVE his hair now lol. My favourite Jae hair is probably his white blonde look, loved it. Actually I didnt mind him with black hair either.
    Micky – my favourite Micky hair has to be the hair he had in AADBSK2, without a doubt. that was HOT. I don’t mind this hair on him though, although it does kinda makes him look like a mad scientist XD he looks so dorky lol
    Junsu & Changmin – Haven’t seen any clear pictures yet, but I love Junsu’s hair short (his “O” hair is my favourite, least favourite is the Triangle white hair and the Rising sun red hair) I hope Changmin’s hair hasn’t changed that much, I really like his hair now. Hated the ponytail.
    There, that’s my member by member analysis reply for you :D

    Lol yea I love blythe dolls ^———^
    I don’t mind Yunho’s hair at all actually, Yunho’s hair rarely makes me cringe lol. I’m just really glad that he got a trim!

    *nods* I liked his EHB hair too.
    Jae’s hair IS really flat isn’t it, but it looks so SILKY and SHINY *——*
    I agree with you bout the AADBSK2 hairstyles. Everyone looked really really good, if only Changmin got his haircut BEFORE that lol

  5. REALLY? Cause I LOOOVED that look. well, not the short spiky one, per se, but the one that he had in the HOT Iyah performance. He looked so edgy and hot with it. But the shorter hair also makes him look sooo young. Oh, y’know which one?! What he had in the “Dangerous Love” banjun! That’s my favorite Yunho hairstyle (sidenote: I just watched this really really good fanvid/movie of Jaeho called “Slave” on youtube. It’s really really really cute and really good — even though I’m not a jaeho shipper, it was still really cute to watch). Hn. I liked Changmin’s “Rising Sun” hair the best (the one that he went back to for a little while during Last Angel promotions?). Micky needs to get his short hair back, not kidding. Seriously. And I’m so glad that Junsu refuses to get his long hair back… cause seriously? Junsu looks sooo good with short hair…! Jae’s bob is too short now…! But for some reason, the color and the cut (cause of how close it’s cropped to his head) seems to make his eyes GINORMOUS. I wish the bob was black though. It wook look even more hot and striking if it was…!!

  6. hnn… as a whole though: which DBSK hairstlye do you like? Like what “time period.” Collectively (like not individually), I think I’m going to have to say that my favorite was *probably* during the Snow Dream MV. THAT was awesome hair. The colors could’ve been changed, but I think as a WHOLE… .. actually all of SM Town had gorgeous hair in that MV. Like seriously. SuJu and CSJH all looked so pretty (to say nothing of BoA).

  7. Nanshi:
    Jae’s eyes does look ginormous with that hair, that’s why i said he reminds me of a Blythe doll lol.
    Haha i had to get out my AADBSK2 to watch the Snow Dream MV again cause i couldn’t remember what their hair looked like ^^”
    I agree with you though, everyone had good hair, I still love Changmin with short hair, but even though he had medium length hair in that MV it wasn’t all bushy and gross (like his hair in that episode of YSMM, ew.)
    My second favourite DBSK “era” in terms of hairstyles would probably be the Bonjour Paris time. I just download the DVD for that yesterday, and omg they all looked really good.
    My least favourite “era” would be the Triangle days, that was just bad. Like really really bad. They looked like they stepped out of some bad animae or something.
    I liked Suju’s hair in the Snow Dream MV too, Siwon looked sooo good <333
    Ooo and just a reminder, Valentines day is coming up~! *subtle cough* lol

  8. jaejoongs hair looks the same. but we still love it, dont we?

  9. hola..i really like yunho new hairstyle…so suit for him..and for micky i don’t care what kind of style you do,you still look dandy boy…

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