Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 13, 2008

DBSK FITB “Proud” commentary translation

Credit: Fin123@Soompi for the translation, and Nebicha @ Youtube for uploading the video :D

Here’s the UNSUBBED video:

CM: Ya
YC: The last song
CM: Ya the last song
YC: [proud]
JS: ah! That’s right, at bukodan the atmosphere here was just right
JS: at this song, you couldn’t hear YC at all
YC: no-no, it’s not like that. During that time, at bukodan…*stammer* JS!
JS: Yes?
YH: That’s right, JS couldn’t even really sing at that time
YH: I almost cry too~
JS: No-no, I didn’t cry
YC: YH saw it, CM saw it, JS saw it
JS: I’m speaking of the truth though it’s quite a long time, when YC cried, I wanted to cry as well
YH: Everyone just got into the atmosphere
JJ: Although it’s quite a long time, JS YC when they cried…Ah~ this part is where! This part! Where YC cried
JS: I didn’t cried yet!
JJ: ya!
CM: Didn’t cry~ JS~
JJ: JS didn’t cry, he was happy! Haha!
JS: Ah! Black charcoal? (or was it chocolate? Couldn’t get it)
JS: Didn’t u put charcoal or are you one?
CM: Not at all!
CM: JS, why am I asked this kind of stupid question?
YC: But at that moment was really pure happiness right?
JJ: miracle~ kkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhhh
JJ: meeting you once more
YC: I feel like crying again
YH: Of course, [proud] is a sad yet loving song, but at tt time, it didn’t feel that way, instead we felt more emotional than what the song had expected us to be
JJ: at bukodan, THSK~ (couldn’t hear what they said, too noisy)
YC: YH, YH a little couldn’t see. JS and JJ
YC: Eh~ YH~ YC~ Feel like crying now~
JJ: Oh~ the both of us, are really great
JS: When did you get this kind of confidence at this last part?
CM: I remember the next part was YC part, he couldn’t sing…
JS: I was the one who took over in the end
JJ: U didn’t cry at all?
JS: I didn’t cry at this part~
CM: JS! Did cry as well!
YC: So cute!
YC: Ah~ feel like going there to sing again
YH: ah~ now seeing it (couldn’t catch YH speaking cause the others were too noisy ^^)
JJ: amazing amazing!
YH: Ah! It’s so embrassing!
YC: Bling bling bling!
YH: Ah~ this part…where everything began
He cried~
YC: Now looking at it, ah~ the feeling is kind of back
JJ: Oh~ YC~ don’t cry
YC: Ah~ YH!
JJ: What are we going to do?
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhhh~ (getting emotional)
CM: In the end, only me and JJ didn’t cry right?
JJ: We are cold blooded human
YC: You can’t do that right?
JJ: Ya~ [Proud] meaning that
JJ: [proud] means we have to be one till the end eh?
CM: Of course~
JJ: Till the end, we had to be proud right?
CM: Of course~
JS: Ok~
The two of them do not have feelings at all
JJ: That’s not true
CM: That’s not true~
JJ: Everyone, when the 3 of you cried…
Ah~ clap
It finished!
Everyone Thank you very much!
JJ: Thank you very much!
JS: The food was nice(?) (couldnt really understand that sentence…it sounds to me food though…..)
CM: the food was nice?
YH: The 2nd live concert atmosphere was so touching yet it was a really pure happiness concert, right?
YC: I want to do it again

THSK: everyone today’s concert, really thank you very much!

Lol Iit’s really funny how they all laugh at each other for crying, Junsu and Jae are so loud omg XD

I love how Jae calls himself and Changmin “cold blooded humans”, I get called that by my friends all the time haha

This performance is without a doubt my favourite DBSK performance ever. I remember showing my mum this performance, and because of that she now refers to Micky as “the crying one” [she calls Jae “the different one” because apparently the other boys all look the same =.=”]


  1. OMG everytime i watch this performance i always get teary and somehow end up crying T___T
    LOL “cold blooded humans” XD and LMAO at your mum haha XD
    <33333 DBSK so proud =DDD

  2. Minjee4micky:
    Yea, i’m a “cold blooded human”, i don’t cry much XD (i didn’t even cry once in “1 litre of tears” and apparently EVERYONE cries in that) I’m special lol
    My mum doesn’t understand my fascination with boybands at all, and at the moment she’s really annoyed cause i ring her 10 times a day to ask if my “t” album has arrived XD [it still hasn’t arrived ;____;)

  3. Well, for your mom’s credit: JJ IS the “different one.” omo… he is sooo special. I love zem. check your drafts! I just fixed my askdfjk;as;jdfj;kasjkldfjk entry. grrr wordpress.

  4. Nanshi:
    I just checked my drafts and saw it, thanks for your help, you rock~!
    I’ll publish the post tonight (my time lol), i got Candychu(who helped me with Kyuhyun’s b-day post) to say a bit about how she came to know DBSK, so i think the order i’ll put them is her account, your tribute, and my little bit (i’m putting yours second cause it has lovely little videos that people can watch to take a break from reading, not because I don’t like you k, lol XD)
    Thanks again for your help <3333
    Ooo and i’m stealing the title you suggested mwahaha

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