Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 13, 2008

Jae and Micky in another car accident

Credit: 小僾僾 @ Baidu

Yesterday some fans chased the car that Jae and Micky left in after filming “8 vs. 1”, this caused the boys car to collide with another car. Thankfully it was only a minor accident and neither of the boys are injured from it.

I don’t know WHY these fans feel that it’s necessary to chase after their cars, the boys will NOT suddenly stop the car, open the window, and say “hay crazy psycho freaks, come join us in our car, cause we love people who put other people’s lives in danger, why don’t we all put blindfolds on and drive up and down a busy street together :DDD “


  1. O__O !! OMG ANOTHER CAR CRASH ?!?!!? WTH ?! OMG POOOR JAE & MICKY !!! *cuddles them to death* xP
    i hope that they are alright =[
    stupid crazy fans .. what are they thinking ?! didnt they learn the first time ? omg poor Jae, his 2nd accident =[

  2. O_O!!!!

    GAAAAAAAAH! That’s scary! I”m glad they’re okay…

  3. whoaaat?! O.o those fans are so crazy >..<


    you’re sooo right! those insane fans should think before doing such things.. grrrg.. so mad right now >.<

  4. huh? O.o why is my comment incomplete >. thats the 2nd time jae got into an accident because of fans who are chasing them! thats so unreasonable! *grg*

  5. my comment is incomplete aagaaiiin O.o whats the matter >.<

    anyways.. I just read, that its just a rumor and that it wasnt true at all O.o dont know whom to believe XD~ but just to let you know ^_^

  6. Ohmy. This is kind of really getting out of hand. Fans need to STOP having car chases! Geeeez. –;;

  7. Minjee4micky:
    Their fans are insane.
    Anyway, i thought their windows were tinted? So the point in chasing their cars would be……lol

    Yea i know, sometimes I prefer them staying in Japan more cause it means they won’t be stalked/hunted down/chased by psychotic hardcore fans :S

    Wordpress is really weird, dw bout it.
    Hmm well this information originated from the International Chinese TVXQ site, which is normally quite reliable, cause the mods over there are pretty strict, but I would much rather it be a rumour, cause otherwise it would be the 2nd time this year that they’ve been in an accident :S

    Yea, i know that those hard-core fans really come together to support the boys, but they should really tone it down a bit when it comes to stuff like this (and stuff like anti-ing other groups, cause that’s just lame.)

  8. my friend txted this to me last night. srsly, wtf with those fans. TT_TT once again i will refrain from ranting since they werent seriously hurt.


  9. WTF!!!!!!!! I CAME HOME FROM SCHOOL AND THIS HAPPENED! OMGGG, IM GONNA STAB THT FREAKIN FAN >< do korean fans LOVE to seee their OPPAS GET HURT! you know what, they better off stay in japan eventhough I miss them doing activities in korea but THIS IS TOO MUCH!

  10. Querubin:
    Hard-core fans scare me…..

    Everytime i see things like this, it just makes me want them to stay in Japan :(. I know that the majority of the Korean fans are actually really nice,rational, people, but it’s those un-rational people that gives them a bad name…

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