Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 13, 2008

Runaway debuts at No.4 on Oricon

Credit: withtvxq_11 @ Baidu JJ Bar


The single debuted at No.4!! That’s HEAAAAPS good!!! *so proud*

The song “Runaway” is SO catchy, I originally had Good Charlotte’s “Dance floor anthem” stuck in my head today, but then I listened to Runaway this afternoon, and *poof*, now I’ve just got “try again try again try again now~~” playing over and over again in my mind XDDDDD

Really happy to see that Changmin’s single is still on the chart too :DDD

Here’s a lovely picture of Micky for you all to drool over :D (it’s the artwork inside his single, credit as tagged)

Click to see it biggerrrrr [he looks really good doesn’t he *—–* i’m loving these single pictures]


  1. lol im really happy for yoochun!!! tho ill admit im slightly peeved that changmin didnt do as well XD but like u said at least changmin is still on the chart ^^

  2. OMG GOO MICKY !!!! YAY !!! WOO HOOO !! *throws a party for Micky* XDDDD and omg that photo card is HOT =DDD i want one :3

  3. Candychu:
    Changmin had some REALLY strong competition, like Kat-un (they’ve sold 375,000 already!)and he went first, so that must’ve been hard :S His single is still my favourite one so far though :D

    I loooove these photo cards, i so so so want one, except then i think of how broke i will be if i buy all 5, and i continue with my emo poetry XD

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