Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 13, 2008

Teuk’s new hair

Picture Credit: 我爱特特22 @ Baidu Park Jungsoo Bar

Ok so has the whole world decided to change their hair or something? [well, just DBSK and Teuk, but ssshh] I was gonna go get my hair dyed again this week, but now I think I’ll get it dyed next week, just to be different xP

I love his new hair in that picture with the hood and the sunnies, it’s really attractive, in a kinda emo way. HOWEVER, I do not like his hair when the hood is off. Idk if it’s just me, but it looks like someone took the stick of a mop and dumped the mop on his head :S

Haha, I still love you Teuk <3333


  1. AHAHAHAHAHA omg that was so funny im laughing a silent laugh atm…as in wen something is so funny that no sound comes out…so yes i shall refer to that as a silent laugh from now on.
    at first wen i looked at the pic the first thing that came to mind was HAIR FLICK!!! lol he flicked his hair enough before id hate to think how many times hell be flicking his hair now XD ahaha nah but i think his hair is sexy :P (except for the whole plopping mop on head thing) XD
    but his hair is like wen they were in taiwan doing that asia interview ^^

  2. omg i was thinking of gettin a new haircut earlier today .. O_o .. but i’m delaying it since i’m a bit broke =P
    Teuk looks HOT with the hoodie and the sunglasses ! and i dont mind his new hairstyle . maybe its a bit too much like Jae’s .. did they goto the same hairdresser ?

    and coincidence-ly im getting a hair cut tomorrow to-_- hahaha, and im planning to dyed it brown,(jj’s hair xD ahaha)

    BTW I LOVE HIS HAIR :D the color suits him better :D haha i love THT pic:p

  4. ^ lol koreanchocolate…well, great minds think alike :P we all know that!
    LOL everyone lets make tmr international cassiopeia haircut day XD
    id also been thinking of getting a trim (no jk) coz im getting school photos soon and this is the first yr where ive had it short so i wanted to retrim my fringe and sticking out bits :P

  5. Candychu:
    My favourite Leeteuk hairstyle would be the hair that he had in the repackaged suju album, you know, the spiky blonde hair??? that was hot. Second favourite would be Haengbok hair!! i looooooooved that hair on him, sooo good. His hair now just makes me want to grab a pair of scissors and trim it for him XD
    Haha, you have school photos, oh how i miss them (not)

    I bet they do go to the same hairdresser, we must track down that hairdresser and stalk it XDD

    Ooo you’re getting it dyed brown? I’ve got dark brown hair at the moment, i think i’m gonna be adventurous next time and have it dyed…..medium brown lol XD

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