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♥Ultimate Valentine: DBSK♥

[Foreword: This will probably be the longest post that I have/will post on this blog]

Happy Valentines day everyone~!

I hope that you’ve all had/will have a GREAT Valentines day, whether you’re celebrating it with someone special, alone, or not celebrating it at all (like me lol). Anyway, because it’s Valentines day, I thought I’d do something special.

After starting this blog, and meeting so many of you (well, kinda, in the comments anyway lol) I just thought that it’s really amazing how all these different people, who are literally from all over the globe, can have one common interest. But because we’re all really different people, I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone’s stories (that’s right, I mean YOU, I expect ESSAYS~!) about how they came to know this fabulous five-some, or what it is that attracts them to this fabulous group.

So for today’s post, I asked Nanshi and Candychu (who have both helped me with previous birthday posts, which you are very welcome to do btw) to help me to write a small “tribute”. First up will be Candychu and her recount, next will be Nanshi’s tribute (so you can take a break from reading and watch all the awesome videos that she’s linked) and last will be my recount (because by then you would’ve read 1500+ words and wouldn’t feel like reading anymore). So grab a comfy chair, sit back with some junk food, and enjoy our Valentine’s Day tribute post to the lovely DBSK boys~! [And remember to share your own story with us in the comments! Don’t be greedy and keep it to yourself]

I’m going to use a different colour font for each person so you won’t get confused, Candychu will be Purple, Nanshi will be Turquoise, and I will be Black.


I hope I don’t bore anyone with my recount of “How I came to meet DBSK” because if you know me from AF then you’ve probably read this story like a gazillion times. But since I don’t recognise any of your usernames (except for Nanshi) then I’m just going to assume none of you have heard my oh-so-riveting story of our very first meeting…okay now I’m just sounding like I actually know DBSK. Ha. I wish.

Well, it was on a day, much like every other day when I came across Dong Bang Shin Gi. I was reading through my chinese magazine (Yes! Issue 772 to be precise) when I saw the words “DongBangShinGi wake up on the same bed” (sorry for lame translation XD). So then I think “err…that’s interesting! Five guys sleeping on the same bed!?” And so curiousity got the better of me and I immediately flipped to read the article.

The first thing (or ‘person’ I should say) that caught my attention was the handsome Changmin. I thought “wow, he’s good looking…” but since I wasn’t very into Kpop at the time I was just like ‘whatever~’. How dumb of me. But nevertheless, I skim read the article and learnt briefly about DBSK’s history…I found it interesting that these five guys slept together on a massive bed (thats wat the article suggests anyway) but it was when I flipped over the page that I received the biggest shock of my life (slight exaggeration here XP) — Changmin…(the handsome one) was 184cm tall and only 17 yrs old. I was used to my HK artists which were around 170-175cm in height and mostly above 24 yrs of age so I was like WTH!!! when I read up on their profiles.

So that aroused a lot of interest in me for these “young boys” but it wasn’t until I saw them perform Rising Sun on my azn telly that I really fell head over heels for them. Afterwards when I went to HK I bought all their albums that had already been released and slowly started to build my collection. Within a day I learnt to recognise their voices (too good?!) and that’s when I fell in love with Junsu because I thought his voice was beautiful. And eventually I fell in love with all of them so they became the first band where I actually adored ALL the members.

The end.

Now wasn’t that story enlightening? Actually there are several reasons as to why DBSK are my favourite band and I still love them this much even after two and a half years. Not only are they good looking but they actually have the talent to sing, dance, compose and write music, and even act! But apart from that they have excellent teamwork and unlike many other bands they’re actually really close friends and like each other!

So yes…I had fun sharing my story. Hope you had fun reading it ^^
*runs off for a date with Changmin*


Hug debut. They look so young and so cute! And so nervous!!! Especially Jaejoong! haha. They look so young! It looks like they’ve aged and matured so much in these past four years (even though it’s only been four years!). If you watch closely, you’ll notice that Junsu has such an elated!scared! expression on his face. Poor BB. He waited such a long time for debut (3 years of training and then just 3 years of waiting to recover from his voice change =( poor dolphie)… but you did it dolphie! It’s so different watching this old performance of “Hug” without the usually accompanying screams from fangirls. hehe. WOW. O_O
Just for fun: DBSK’s first #1 Win for “Hug”. I love them…

MV For “Always There”. Simple. Sweet. And all five boys looking gorgeously young, sweet, but oh-so-hot in their adorable black suits and tuxes. This is probably one of my favorite songs by them but this video definitely makes me swoon. It’s just so simple and easily done… but still so… gorgeous.

“Whatever They Say” live on Music Wave. Ahh… old bad hair. One of my favorite acappellas from them. Especially when Jaejoong hits that falsetto! This is just sooo cute. Hmm reminds me: I have to find that really funny/cute clip of DBSK on YDH’s Love Letter where Yoosu trade voices and make fun of each other. hehe. Found it. DBSK on Yoon DoHyun’s “Loveletter” interview. About halfway through (around 3:45 or so) YDH comments that he thinks Micky should have a very high voice (the video is subbed, so go watch it!) because he is very feminine-looking but Micky has a very low voice. Micky comments and y’know… then the interview passes onto Junsu and we all know what Junsu’s voice sounds like. haha. So YDH’s like, “You two should switch voices!” and everyone’s laughing and Micky’s all like, “Well, why don’t we try that? We’ll switch voices and try to hold a conversation that way.” So Micky throws his voice up REALLY high (it doesn’t really sound anything like Junsu’s, it’s just really high and kinda squeaky) and all, “Junsu-yah,” and you can visibly see Junsu lowering his vocal chords as he warms up, and then he’s all, “Yeh?” in this really low-deep voice (that surprisingly sounds a lot like Yoochun’s), but it’s really cute cause his voice kinda cracks a bit because he can’t really hold it that low. LOLs. And the entire audience bursts out laughing and Micky’s all, “… I’m sorry.”

Prepping for their first series of concerts! “Rising Sun” concert series. They worked so hard to get there, and they did it! First concert is up!!! Watch them play on motorcycles. hehe. It’s adorable! Man, I love them. Bonus: DBSK being dorky and speaking English haha it’s really funny when one of the staff decides to tease Junsu too [s>cause he’s just too much fun to tease[/s> and asks him how to spell “WIDE” (cause they’re on Mnet WIDE show) and he spells it all proud and the rest of the members are all, “WAAAHHH Junsu you’re so smart…~” and Junsu gets up really indignantly and he says something like, “Hey! I’m in college y’know?!?! COLLEGE STUDENT!” haha so cute <3

BoA, Super Junior, CSJH, and DBSK music show. I really like this specific performance of DBSK’s “Rising Sun” because the cameraperson films it PERFECTLY so that you can see the “group wave” that DBSK does at the beginning of their performance (at around 5:00). Poor Jaejoong is still all injured though, so the masked man subs in for him… =( Again, chronologging all of DBSK’s successes and failures have gotten them to where they are today!

DBSK House Tour Pt.1 (Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4). This is soo cute! I think it was after the release of their 2nd album and you can tell that they’re being adorable and unpretentious, but they’re still not the open-and-crazy DongBangs that we love today cause they still refer to each other by their stage names (YoongWoong, Uknow, Xiah, Micky, and Choikang/Max). They’re still a bit tentative about their fame, but more than willing to show us their old apartment (I’m positive they live somewhere else now) and we get to see a beautiful and raw rendition of “Fox Rain” and Jaejoong’s unreleased song (even though fandoms across the Earth want it released as soon as possible) “Bisco Couple.” Bonus Jaejoong on the piano. Almost nine full minutes (yes, 9) of Jaejoong playing the piano. This was for a short film that they were going to play at the beginning of Jaejoong’s solo for the “Rising Sun” concert.

I don’t know when DBSK began opening up and finally shedding the majority of their restrained stage personalities. I think it started after “Rising Sun” was released. Speaking of which, you get to see some of the best DBSK crack here:
Mnet Star Watch 24 Pt. 1 (eng subs!). Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4. Yes, these are the famous ‘helium’ episodes where Jaejoong and Junsu go kinda stir crazy and Junsu breaks can’t figure out the Polaroid camera, Jaejoong goes INSANE and runs from room to room, Yunho tries to be serious and ends up succumbing to the helium-craziness at the end, Yoosu share an amusing dialogue about carrot juice (haha. it’s adorable!)… SO MUCH LOVE! LOLtastic, as I like to say!

Jaeho on the monkey bars for Xman hehe. Self-explanatory. Fandoms and fangirls across the globe exploded the day this was aired in Korea and then exploded again when it was uploaded to youtube and then passed around the internet via various livejournals, blogs, forums, threads, fansites, fanlistings, web services, etc… and then subbed. haha. Classic DBSK <3 all the way. If you haven’t yet: make sure you try to get your hands on the full episodes of DBSK on Xman. It’s hilarious from the bantering Jaemin about Jaejoong’s popularity and Changmin p0rn and then the stirring performances at the end with the Couple game where all of DBSK performs (separately) beautifully except for Jaejoong’s bizarre imitating of some kind of bird. They’re Xman eps 151 and 152 if that helps.

2006 Daesang win!. The biggest award that an artist can get in the Korean industry and DBSK gets it! FINALLY. SO proud and so happy for them! I love the tender and touching moments and watching Yunho try to keep it all together. <333

“Love in the Ice” live (fancam though =( ). This is by far probably my MOST FAVORITEST THSK song. I really like some of their older songs, but whenever I hear this song, I kinda just want to melt into a puddle. It’s really sweet and the lyrics and really meaningful and touching.. and when Junsu sings… gaahhhhhasdk;;kalsdfsa RAWR~ hnn… there might be a better version of it out there now that the concert DVD is finally released (like a friggin year later). Nope. Just checked. This was at the “Seoul Encore” concert so there probably won’t be an official DVD releasing for it anytime soon cause I think the concert was added at the last minute and DBSK flew back to Korea from Japan specifically just for like the two concerts. Anyways, this is a really good fancam because even though it’s Junsu-centric, there person taking it still pans to the screen behind Junsu so you still get to see all the members.

40-year old “DBSK” vs. the REAL DBSK. I like this clip a lot because (I read translation for it) and one of the men in the older group says that they were a dancing troupe when they were 25, and they agreed that 15 years later (when they were 40), they would get back together again and dance together again. I like this so much cause I hope one day DBSK will be 40 years old and still be good friends and brothers and still get together to dance and wow the world once again over like the “40 year old DBSK” did this time… *sniff*

Other adorable notables:
Heroine 6
DBSK’s Banjun dramas (which I think are more ridiculous and funny than their Vacation dramas)
MTV’s School Attack and Mnet’s School of Rock (both are soo funny and amusing especially when they get their hands on dolls. Only DBSK can play with dolls and still be irresistibly cute and manly).
Ya Shim Man Man with Yunho, Changmin, and Micky. *sniffles*
SM Town’s collab “behind the scenes” videos. DongBangJunior is just pure love <333 I love it when those two fandoms collide
Brian Joo making fun of Junsu just for Junsu’s panicked little face. hehe.
*and have you ever noticed that whenever Changmin laughs he ALWAYS claps his hands together? I’ve never noticed it before, but I recently started seeing it a lot and it’s TRUE!
DBSK’s surprise phone call to Super Junior (on a radio show)
Mini DBSK on Star King AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Inhwan’s fanclub is probably through the roof by now!
DBSK on Jihwaza SOO funny (you can run a search for it on youtube, I only linked Pt.1). Especially when they do “human tetris.”
THSK working hard at their VOCAL TRAINING in Japan for preparation for their Japanese debut. Wow~ I think they’re working with one of the top vocal coaches in Japan. So impressed and so proud at their professionalism.

This is getting to be ridiculously long… so I’ll end it here. I have SO many DBSK vids favorited on youtube and they’re constantly coming out with newer things and I haven’t even broached “Bonjour Paris” or “AADBSK 2” (haha! Couple talks!) so I think I’ll just stop here before I get ahead of myself. I just wanted to track a little bit of how far DBSK has come since their debut up to their success now. So I’ll just end it with this.

Proud of your Love (from the Five in the Black concert. This is their very last song in the entire tour and it’s the one where all of DBSK gets really choked up). They’re proud of our love? I’m proud of their love and everything they do for us fans. Keep on bringing the LOLs and the fun and the cracktastic joy that you give to us all, DBSK. Keep doing what you love to do and what you’re best bat. Always keep singing and bring us an eternity of love and fun and sincerity and beautiful music that is DBSK.

I’m proud of your love. Never stop being DBSK. They gave us four years already, I hope they give us a lifetime more…



W00t it’s my turn :D
By now you’ve just read 2566 words, so I won’t be offended if you decide to leave, really, I’ll understand, just leave a comment first lol.

So how did I go from having no clue what DBSK was to actually BLOGGING about them? Good question, keep reading for more of my riveting story…(I’ll try to keep it as short as possible lol)

Ever since I started school, I had no asian friends (back then New Zealand wasn’t overpopulated with asian people like it is now). This meant that I was somewhat “isolated” from the asian culture (well, except for speaking Chinese at home to my family). It wasn’t until someone from Church lent my family a copy of “Meteor Garden” that I started to slowly pay more attention to the asian entertainment industry (I think I was about 11-ish). What’s this got to do with DBSK you ask? Well nothing really, but it’s going to lead to my story, soon, you’ll see.

Anyway, the F4 fantasy ended with the last episode of Meteor Garden 2, and I was on the hunt for another boyband. So for the next 2 years, I was completely devoted to 5566 (after watching “My MVP Valentine”), but alas, that did not last (Though I have bought every single album except for the latest one, which I haven’t even heard yet.) They were “on a break” for too long, and I just lost interest.

At that time, Fahrenheit had just debuted, but after liking them for about a month (I even bought the special edition of their album, go me :D ), I decided that it was just not for me (although I still do think that Wuzun is really really attractive). However during the Fahrenheit phase, I came across a DBSK interview in a “Popteen” magazine (that and “Vivi” are my favourite Asian magazines – and yes you NEEDED to know that lol – ) I can’t really remember the interview now, but it was when they were promoting “Choosey Lover”, and…I’m a bit ashamed to say this…but the first thing I thought when I saw the page with the interview was “ew.”, and then flipped the page.

Months flew by, and I still had no idea who DBSK was (nor did I want to find out). But then one day last year (I think it was sometime in June) during my Term 2 holidays, I just felt extremely BORED (regardless of the fact that I was in my final year of highschool and should’ve been studying for my upcoming exams) and was looking for something to do. For those who have been on Baidu, you would know that the forums there are ranked each day; Back then the number one forum in the Japanese/Korean stars category was always DBSK.

So because I was bored, I decided to see just what was so great about this group, and looked them up on Youtube. Actually if you want to be picky about the details, I actually searched “東方神起”, anyway, the first result that came up was the “My Little Princess” MV, I clicked on it, and was absolutely blown away by the amazing vocals, but I remember looking at Jae and thinking “Omg that poor guy, he looks like a GIRL”. But because of their amazing vocals, I decided to give them a go and entered the Baidu DBSK Bar, I can’t remember what I clicked, but it lead me to this really HOT picture of Jae (I think it was from a “7%” promotion poster) and I just went “OMG THE GIRLY GUY TURNED HOT”, and one of the comments on that thread said “my favourite Jae MV is the Beautiful Life one”, so of COURSE I had to look that up, and sigh…the rest is history :D

And that ends my recount. [For those who were actually bothered to read it, this is where you let out a sigh of relief that it’s finally over]

[For the record, I do like ALL the boys now, just Jae a little bit more cause I’m biased XD]

So that concludes the 2008 Valentines day post~! I hope that you will all feel compelled to share your stories with us, we will be disappointed if we don’t get any comments :( (well the other two won’t be, they’re not as sad as me lol)

Special thanks to Nanshi and Candychu for taking the time out of their busy schedules to help me with this post [you girls are awesome and ILU <333] (brownie points for Nanshi cause she thought of the title lol)

Happy Valentines day everyone!

(wow 3339 words and counting O.O….alright alright i’m going XD]

Edit: One of my best friends in real life (the one who frequently tells me that i have no life because I blog about boys who look like girls/can’t sing/are gay) has written a editorial about Valentines day, and because i’m a nice friend (and i’m mentioned in the editorial) I will link to her lol. Click here to read about the “Valentines day virus”. She started a blog after seeing how much fun I have here (yet still continues to tell me that I need a life lol)


  1. hello! happy valentine’s day! totally agreed! dbsk is the ultimate valentine! :D

  2. GOSH, tht took me an hour to finished that LMAO! ahah. love the story guys! SOO MUCH MORE INTERESTING THEN MY HISTORY TEXT BOOK *rolls eyes*(obviously)
    since im TO LAZY to do my project! i wanna share to!! :D scroll up if your not interested xD
    it started when my sis asked me (forced actually) me to watch balloons MV, & tht time i was like EWW, KOREANS?& started bashing them (i was SO stupid, i feel like stabbing myself for saying tht )
    but then my sis asked me to watch dangerous love, so i watched and i was like omg whos tht!!!JAEJOONG!??? THT DUDE IS SOO PRETTYYYY! and thts when i started to do a RESEARCH about them xD,and i officially be a fan when i heard them sang begin:D quite simple actually haha. but 8 month later I MET THEM IM VERY PROUD I WENT TO THEIR CONCERT ITS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I MISS THEM LIKE HELL.THEY ARE SO HANDSOME, AND I ADOREEEEE THEIR VOICE :D THEIR PERFECT ACTUALLY :D really perfect erghhh. im so gonna go to their next concert. hope you guys will have a chance to experience it too (: im gonna stop now! lol anyone wants a fancam of them by me?? just tell me :) im off doing the freaking project erghh happy valentines again to alll.

    p/s:lol u guys are like SISTERS ahaha. SERIOUSLY!

  3. That was a really long post. But I’m proud to say that I read through
    All of it..the whole glorious detail, and I didn’t miss a word.
    Actually I find it intersting to know how people came about knowing
    DBSK. So I feel obligated to tell my own story. I’m actually really
    eager to share my own story because my obsession hasn’t been for very
    long. Once I start, I can never seem to stop!

    Alright so as I recall, I’ve never had any interest in Asian
    Entertainment until I started watching Chinese movies. Usually I would
    just flip through the channel that showed them, but one day I actually
    gave it a try. So one Saturday night, I sat through a movie in which
    I found really ecstaticly hilarious and so every Saturday night at
    exactly 9:00 I would tune in to the chinese channel and watch
    whatever movie they would show, and I’m glad I got hooked this would be
    4 years ago since I started my Asian fetishes. (it might sound
    irrelevant now, but I’m getting to my point).

    As I started to get to know most of the chinese stars (ie. The twins,
    The boys, Andy Lau…) I started to crave more…

    …it might be helpful to add that I’ve been an anime fan since I
    was a little girl, therefore I was not completely clueless of the
    asian entertainment. (Just thought you should know)

    As years went by I was completely oblivious of all the amazing
    asian men out there that was ready to be glomped at any moment (hmm
    yes, a bit exagerating) It wasn’t until my cousin came to Canada that
    it hit me. She told me to watch Full House (a Korean drama) was
    then that I was introduced to a multi faceted entertainment of the
    East! My…was it wonderful.

    …..This gets interesting.

    I started watching lots and lots and lots of asian dramas and so I got
    introduced to Japanese dramas first. My roomate at that time found
    Super Junior and of course being a clingy girl that I am, I got
    hooked and I seriously oggled over them for ever a year…until now.
    So, I have a Korean friend, he was going to Korean in the summer
    last year and I asked him if he could buy me some merchandise of
    my favorite boys. He said “OK” so I trusted that he would get me
    “SUPER JUNIOR” stuff…he came back in August and guess what…
    he came back with a DBSK poster! I was SOO NARROWMINDED! I said
    SUPER JUNIOR” I disregarded the poster…tossed it..My what a
    mistake. I’m so disheartened by my actions. haha. But anyway Just
    last month, through Super Juniors new show Exploration of the
    Human Body..the 9th episode where DBSK was a guest I started to notice
    them. I noticed Yunho-oppa first because he was the tallest..and
    my was he HOT. haha. LOVE HIM! I swear it WAS LOVE @ First sight. (uhm
    Make that second sight…well actually first considering I didn’t
    even look at the poster my friend gave me.)

    And so I started probing around Youtube for DBSK videos and I came
    across “Rising Sun” and I absolutely loved it. It’s on constant replay
    on my iPod and I always dance to it everytime I put my ipod of shuffle.

    After that..the rest was history. It hasn’t been long since I’ve known
    the boys but I really admire them for their talent and all. Honestly,
    I never really payed much attention to Korean music until now.
    Korean music revealed itself to me…I thought it was all melodramatic
    drama sad songs…but I guess I was a narrowminded prick…and didn’t
    want to open my mind to other things..wonderful things I might add.

    And so I found these boys to have wonderful talent..especially vocaly.
    They are superb if I do say so..I’m a music student myself and music is
    my life…Junsu caught my attention because his voice is sooo distinct.
    You can just tell him apart from all the rest. Although Jaejoong’s
    voice is just as angelic to me. Changmin’s range is amazing. JUST
    AMAZING. And Yunho’s sexy dancing just gets me swooning everytime.
    Especially in the Purple Line video. And finally Precious precious
    Yoochun, hes got amazing talent as a musician. I love the songs that
    he composes and writes…he’s got so much passion and you could just
    tell from the lyrics (Ie. Evergreen)

    I think from all the asian boyband groups that I like, DBSK is my
    top favorite having only known them for a month. I could say that
    they do have real talent and if they learn english, they absolutely
    have potentials going GLOBAL! Amazing ne~ and its cool that
    they’re in the Guiness book of world records next year..that would be
    really good publicity.

    Anyway. That is basically the story of how I got to know DBSK..more
    or less..its my short version of it. Actually scratch that.
    This is my full blown story it all its glory. Thank you for taking the
    time to read through my comment. It was a lot of fun reading your
    post. ^__^ Keep posting them LOONG spaztic blogs I love reading it!
    That and because I have to life! HAHA

  4. Hmm. I realized in my excitement, that I forgot to post about how I “met” DBSK. Well, here goes. It’s actually quite amusing and fairly simple. Basically, I am a mod[erator] on AF ( and about 2 years ago, the main DBSK thread over there was really messy and we had received several requests to go clean it up and such. Well, since I had free time, and was so proud of little unbiased me (at the time), I was like, “Well, I can do a good job. I don’t even KNOW who they are.” haha… ahhh. *sigh*. Anyways, so I got started on cleaning the thread. Editing, deleting, making modbreaks… just all this very official duty stuffs. Somewhere along the way, I had gotten around to watching a few videos (I had previously only heard “Tri-Angle” in the past when I was actually a ‘fan’ of BoA’s. I have moved past that stage in my life, but I digress). I decided to make Part 2 of the DBSK thread on AF which required a bit of research on my part, so I did le research… and then I watched a few videos… and well, one thing snowballed into another, and here I am today. le sigh. Not really an ambitiously dramatic tale and I wish I had more specifics to share, but gomen.

  5. Let’s see …

    I’ve never been seriously hoooked on a single group before. And I’m extremely white-washed, to the point where I forcibly keep myself from being toooooo fangirly. Ridiculous, I know.

    Didn’t work with this group, sadly enough. I think it was just in December that I seriously got hooked. I was actually obsessed with Suju first (Obvs. Just HOW exactly are you supposed to NOT BE CURIOUS about a THIRTEEN-member group? And there’s Heechul tooo). But then I started reading a bunch of blogs that were centered around DBSK, and the rest is history.

    I’m honestly still a newb at this. (Rofl. I just used “newb”.) Really. I can’t even tell some of the members’ voices apart (you know about that). I don’t forsee this changing in the future, but heeeeeeeeyyyyy, DBSK’s going to be around a loooooong time, so I’ve got time.

    This was a horrible synopsis, but I’m too tired to write in any more detail. =P

  6. ^ wow wat interesting stories everyone has
    i love the way we all disregarded them just by looking at them and it wasnt until after a bit of probing and researching and stalking did we really learn to appreciate + love the boys
    and we all know wat this means right??

    @bananadotink: yeh once upon a time i used to be ‘ashamed’ of being chinese…mostly coz i used to get teased/bullied in primary school…tho that might be coz i came back to aust wen i was 5 and kids in kindergarten thought i was like an alien and couldnt even count up to ten in english…stupid kids…but watever
    i remember how my full azn obsession started. i was walking around in chinatown and i came across this cd shop and i was like “i want that cd” (i have no idea why but it was a BOYZ cd) and my aunty was like “ill buy it for you in hk” so anyway she did and i listened to the cd and aws like “crap BOYZ r awesome” this was like 8 yrs ago (CRAP IM OLD)..anyway and so one thing lead to another.. from canto i got into taiwan music + series and then came DBSK…and its bcoz of DBSK that i got to know about so much more korean artists…these days i know more about kpop than any other culture and im even more updated about the kindustry compared to my korean friends !!!!
    aha…hmmm…yes goodbye :P

  7. OH, and the first song that got me to DBSK was “Timeless.” I remembered!!! II was still bing “unbiased” in the DBSK thread when Timeless released and being really like… well BoA-centric at that moment, Jang Ri In’s “Chinese BoA” title got me really interested, so I was all, “hmm… well, maybe I’ll check her out.” So I did… and THEN I was all, “WHO IS THIS GUY SINGING WITH HER?!?!? aklsdf;jkakj;sldfsa?!?!!” If he’s THIs good, then I should give this DBSK/TVXQ a shot just to hear him sing (I’m too used to Taiwanese boybands where only like 1-2 are good singers and the rest either rap or … sing badly. haha). Thus began the walk to the light…

  8. Ooh this is so cute <333. Thank you (and nanshi and candychu and all the other commentors) for sharing!

    As for me, I was actually a fan of their music long before I bothered finding out who they were, lol. *headdesk* I loved “Hug” and “The Way U Are” and a lot of stuff from their debut album and that time, but didn’t really get into them until Rising Sun times. Saw that one video of Yunho standing up for his fan (just from random youtube surfing!) and went “*____* omg I need to see more” and went on a crazy DBSK youtube spree and grew to love all of the members (which was something new for me, since with a lot of the groups I liked in the past, I’d only really like one of the members and be very “meh” about the others; that has changed a lot since I love everyone in DBSK, SuJu, FT Island, SS501, Big Bang, etc…) and yep it all just snow-balled from there.

    Not that you really wanted to know this XDD, but the reason I got into SuJu was because I read something about Yunho being very close friends with Heechul and Donghae, so I watched Heechul on an episode of Xman, and … instant SuJu obsession XDD.

  9. SO MANY STORIES <333333333333333333

    Happy (very late) Valentines day to you too!

    LOL i’m glad i’m more interesting that your history textbook!!! XDDD Na, history actually used to be my best subject :D *nerd*
    You are so lucky that you have a cool sister who likes DBSK – I don’t have any sisters :(
    And yes i want your fancams!!! It sounds like you were really close to the stage, so..GIMME GIMME GIMME :P
    [hmm i’m not sure how the other two will feel being told that we sound like we’re related XDDDD]

    Oooo you read ALL of that???
    You’re awesome <333
    I’m really surprised that you got into SUJU before DBSK, it’s always the other way around (well it was for me anyway XD)
    Ooo and you’re a music student?? MEEE TOOO!!! (although i probably don’t sound like one HA) na i’m a music studies student myself :D
    My thoughts on Korean music used to be the same as you (except i also thought that the all their boybands looked like freaks, i blame that on HOT’s weird hairstyles)DBSK and Suju are still the only Korean artists that i listen to (because i am still incredibly narrow minded lol)
    Btw you say that you’re a anime fan? i wouldn’t call myself a FAN, but i have watched my fair share (i used to be a HUGE pokemon fan when i was little XDDDD) I still read some manga now (prince of tennis, detective conan (i think that’s his name?) )
    I’m glad you like reading my entries! I look forward to more comments from you <333

    Ooo Timeless was the song that got you into DBSK? It was months after i got into DBSK before i listened to that song (because i had nooo idea who ZLY was, i think it was only till after i watched the MV that i started to like the song)
    You listen to TW boybands? i used to be OBSESSED, i still have so many albums – 5566, F4, Kone, Energy, 183club, Fahrenheit, and the list goes on….) But like you said, in those boybands not everyone could sing (in fact, some were imo a bit “vocally challenged”) i liked them mainly because of the dramas they were in though, not so much the music…

    Oo you liked Suju first too??? Idk, i heard about them after i started liking DBSK, but kinda ignored them cause i couldn’t be stuffed learning their names =.=” But now i love them, they are so INTERESTING lol (especially Heechul, i could just sit there and watch him talk for a day haha)
    I used to have so much trouble telling their voices apart (i’ve only been a DBSK fan for a few months) but i’ve found that watching performances helps a lot! good luck lol :D

    We are DEEEEEEEP fangirls xP
    I’ve never listened to Boyz, but i do find one of them really cute :D
    i went from liking english boybands (eg. Five LOL) to Chinese boybands, to english rock bands (i still love my english bands) to Korean pretty boys hahaha~ it’s weird, my ipod has the RANDOMEST mixture of songs, from Suju’s Miracle, to Fightstar’s “build an army” (quite hard rock, i recommend it if you’re feeling REALLY stressed lol)

    Thanks for your story~! I’ve been wanting to know how you discovered DBSK/Suju XD
    I kind of heard their music first, see, after i started liking them, i was looking through my ipod, and surprise surprise, i actually found that i had 3 DBSK songs in there! (“O”, “Hey Girl”, and “Miss U”) and the play count was actually more than 1, which was quite surprising cause i don’t remember ever listening to them lol XD
    I used to be very “whatever” about the members in other boybands too, but now i love ALL of them (it’s quite funny, cause with the other boybands they had a maximum of 5, and i’d only like 2, but suju has 13 and i love all of them lol)
    I have YOU (and the rest of the spazzes crew) to thank for my Suju obsession, your Don’t Don period posts were just too hard to resist, so thank you for opening my eyes to 13 incredible boys <3333333333

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