Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 14, 2008

080213 Gyao Midtown

Video Credit: Emoso89 @ Youtube

Edit: If the video refuses to show up then click here to watch it :D

This is the show that they were on last time, when they were playing with that wooden toy. Last time Changmin stood in the middle, and this time it’s Micky’s turn (I guess to promote his single, which is doing really well btw, i’m so proud :D )

Anyway, this time their goal is to fold a paper crane. I remember back in the day when I heard the story of the Japanese girl who folded 1000 paper cranes (I think it’s called “Sudako and the 1000 paper cranes?) [Edit: Apopbabo gave me the link to the story, read it here – it’s really beautiful and moving] and I felt really ambitious and learned how to fold them. I got up to about 50, then got bored and gave up XDDDD

The boys’ paper cranes are……..special?? Lol XD

Yunho shows us his first, and um….yea….very pretty crane he has there, I can just see that thing flying around flapping it’s non-existent wings lol XD Jae folded a “crane” that has a strong resemblance to the letter “T” (I think he gave up and did his own thing lol). Micky folded a crane that resembles one of those prehistoric flying dinosaur creatures, very special boy. Junsu’s crane LOOKS like the real thing, but I think it would require a bit of glue or sticky tape for it to take flight XD Changmin then shows his, and of course his crane is absolutely flawless :DDD (pffft, boy geniuses…)


  1. yeh i tried folding a thousand…got up to a few hundred and ran out of paper XD

  2. haha omg the boys are so funnny here. made me laugh so much but i saw them making cranes i decided to make one as well XDD [ yea i was bored >< ] .. haha i made around 100 and then got bored haha go us girls woo !

  3. Sorry…you mentioned the story of Sadako Sasaki and the Paper Cranes…which happens to be one of my favorite stories of all time. I thought I would post a comment with the following link in it:

  4. Candychu:
    Hahaha you ran out of paper XDD That’s a better excuse than mine though, I just got lazy and couldn’t be bothered continuing XDD

    loool they inspired you to fold 100? I’m so proud of you, i would’ve gotten bored after 10 (if that XD)

    I love the story, it reminds me of “1 litre of tears”. I’ll edit the post and include your link, thanks~!

  5. PINKANDSPARKLY – not a problem…we read that book when I was in grade school, and the story never left the back of my head. It’s just such a touching story…I don’t think anyone really forgets about it.

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