Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 14, 2008

Clear picture of Junsu’s new hair :DDD

Picture Credit: 雪儿爱秀 @ Baidu Junsu Bar

More pictures here

He’s blonde!!!!!

When I first heard that he was going blonde I was like “oh no :|” and immediately though thought of that bright yellow hair he had at once stage. But then I saw these pictures and I must say, I don’t mind it AT ALL :DDDDDDD I love that colour blonde on guys(who can pull it off), it’s attractive <333

While my favourite Junsu hair will always his “Balloons” MV hair, I really like this colour and style on him. (worst Junsu hair for me would be his white Triangle hair =.=, the flat hair he had at the Anyband press conference would come a close second, very close.)


  1. T_T I miss his darker hair… but he had it for such a long time that it was bound to get changed. LOOOOVE the style on him… and his expression in that pic is sooo cuuute!! But the blonde? It may have to grow on me. At least it isn’t freaky white blonde like Jae’s was. I know that the boys talked about their ‘hair transformations’ for “O” and how all of their hair changes were just dares, but do you think that was just a ploy? I’m pretty sure that SM and their stylists determine image changes and not the boys themselves. EXCEPT for maybe JJ cause I heard he actually has a background in hairstyling?

  2. wow im used to his hair already! i duno why … but i like it ^^
    tho my fav hair style on junsu would be during “O” days this one isnt too bad!
    my least favourite would be the triangle…but i wasnt a very big fan of his hair in summer dream either :S lucky that didnt last for too long XD hahha
    i love the wy the jacket is too big on junsu and his hands dont stick kawaii!!!

    hahah i think EVERY color suits him! :D
    cause HIS CUTE! hello! just look at tht cute dorky smile ^^ his mouth is WIDE open awww:P
    but my fav will be his hair during anyband, it looks so……..CHARISMA?:D but this one is ok too! he suits everything EXCEPT tht tri-angle hair. it gives me the CREEPS-_-

    i really like the colour, even though there are other times he was hotter, but this works well on him. ^__^ i cant remember when i liked his hair most .. but i saw a photo and his hair was very spikey .. very rock-ish type .. lols . sorry cant think atm .. mums yellin at me for not washin dishes ><“””

  5. i also like xiahs new hairstyle ^_^ the anyband hairstyle was hot ^_^ but dark hair suit him better XD
    im just glad that he didnt choose the ‘white-blonde’ ^^’

  6. Nanshi:
    After seeing Suju’s Don’t Don hairstyles, i’m 90% certain that the boys don’t actually get a choice.
    Hmm I’ve heard of Jae having a background in hairstyling too, I think i still have a picture saved of him doing someones hair…but even if he does, i’m pretty sure that he still has to do whatever SM tells him to…

    My favourite Junsu hair is the style and colour that it was in the Balloons MV, I think he suits black hair, it brings out his eyes (O.O that doesn’t make sense does it…lol)
    His jacket is too cute <333

    I loooooooooved his Anyband hair (the one in the CF, not the one he had at the press conference, that was ew.)
    The Triangle hairstyles didn’t suit ANYONE, they all looked like anime characters =.=

    Lol, just as I read your comment my mum yelled at me to do the dishes XDDDDDD
    I like this colour on Junsu :D I prefer him with dark hair, but this colour doesn’t look bad on him at all :DDD

    ewwwwww white blonde o.O
    I think the only person who can pull off the platinum blonde look is Jae (yes i know i’m biased, but he looked so gooooooood with it)

  7. soo cute.
    he’s looks handsome as a blonde.

  8. Choloalola16:
    He does, but I think the black hair Junsu will always be my favourite :DDD

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