Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 14, 2008

EHB Ep.12 is subbed!

Gomdorii has subbed EHB Ep.12!!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

It’s hilarious, go watch it. (my favourite bits would be the team selection, and when team one was testing the stuff they bought – Heechul’s head in a fish bowl, omg.)

[Remember to thank her for subbing!]


  1. yeeees!! its finally ouuut ^_^ was soo looking forward to watching it <33
    thx for the info ^_^

  2. omg i went crazy over this ep
    like…i wasnt LOL-ing throughout the whole thing but it was still really good!!
    i seriously wanted to cry at the end fromw atching sungmin+ eunhyuk coz it was SO TOUCHING
    especially how eunhyuk “rejected” kangin and reached out for sungmin! like it reminded me of some little boy wanting his mummy or something! like argh!! *stabs chest* it was just so sweet
    i felt sorry for kangin (who ended up getting comforted by teukie anyway–too cute) but it was just really really cute how sungmin+eunhyuk held hands ^^ and at the end wen they explained why they trusted each other and stuff…i died from all the cuteness
    and actually i was so surprised that kyuhyun held his breath for 60seconds coz it meant he beat the rest of team1 that went underwater :S kyuhyun is so awesome…i loved the way at the end everyone jumped into the water and he just kinda splashed at it with his foot *squishes* and i swore kibum was holding his hand then O_O

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