Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 14, 2008

Pictures of DBSK filming “Line Up” in Korea :D

Pictures Credit: 踏网采花_雅凤 @ Baidu JJ Bar


More pictures here


Not sure when this will be aired, but w00t so many new shows to look out for :D

I love their new hairstyles, so glad that Changmin’s hair hasn’t changed too much, soooooo glad, and Jae’s hair looks less bob-ey underneath his beanie haha. I like Yunho’s ponytail too, I see this ponytail and then remember the ponytail he had at the Yamaha press conference, and aaahhh so much happiness XD

I think they play soccer in this show, but I still haven’t read anything about the actual show. There’s a fancam of Micky and Yunho playing soccer here, I appreciate that these fans wanted to capture it to share with everone, but it scares me that these fans just “happened” to be there, and also “happened” to have video cameras on them :S (the friendly background music doesn’t help either lol)

Girls, stalking is not love.

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