Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 15, 2008

7 Octave Kangin cut Subbed.

Video+Subbing Credit: Gomdorii @ Youtube

This was aired in November last year, but I don’t remember seeing it at all! Except even if I had seen it I probably wouldn’t have watched it, cause it wasn’t subbed (it’s a talk show, so no subs just wouldn’t work…).

Anyway, the lovely Gomdorii has subbed this now, so we can all watch it and understand what they’re saying (unless you can’t read english…but then you wouldn’t be reading this either XD). As usual, Kangin is hilaaaarious. I LOL when he demonstrated how to insult other drivers by sticking your tongue out XD and omg I can’t imagine what he would look like in skinny jeans XDDD SNSD also comes on for a little bit and talks about Kangin, they make him sound like such a nice “big brother” type guy, I would LOVE to have a big brother like him *—–* (except their ending literally made me cringe in front of the computer ^^”)

I don’t really understand what this show is about…so if you’ve seen it before (or you’re just really wise) please do enlighten me on what they’re supposed to be doing on this show lol XD


  1. kangin would be a great big brother.
    no clue what this show is about about.
    but whatever happened to his hand.
    i never found out what really happened.

  2. can’t watch it yet, but thanks for the post.
    yeah, kangin would make an awesome boyfriend brother. heehee i had this really cute pic of him on my phone yesterday and it just cheered me up the entire day :D

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