Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 15, 2008

Siwon in SNSD’s “I’m your girl” performance

Video Credit: mizzqtpnai @ Youtube

Mmm Siwon looked good *——————-*

I thought there were 9 in SNSD? meh. Lol I got so confused, at first I thought the girl with the gift was one of the girls singing on stage, and I was like…hang on…how can she be in two places at once [yes, I still can’t tell them apart]

So first Donghae, and now Siwon…that’s two of my favourite Suju boys who have gone over to the dark side, who’s next? [please not Teuk or Heechul.please not Teuk or Heechul.]

[Disclaimer: I don’t have anything against SNSD, I’m sure they’re lovely girls, in fact, I’m like totally like BFFs with them, like yea :P]


    for a second i kinda forgot whose blog was i reading (its the end of the wk…dont blame me) i :S and i was wondering who was able to read my thoughts and put into writing bold enough to describe snsd as the dark side…i mean come on! theyre like dolls…sweet, innocent little angels…we cant blame suju! but we can blame SM
    sending donghae over has already killed me so no matter who’s nxt it wont make a difference :'(
    LOL JKS…
    but heres an idea…just use henry nxt time XD
    since hes young and cute and has a smaller and less violent fanbase XD

  2. i was*
    sorry just proofreading my comment now XD

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