Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 16, 2008

DBSK leaving “Happy together” filming

Pictures Credit: Various Baidu Bars 

These pictures are of DBSK leaving the building where they were filming the Korean variety show “Happy Together” (hahahahaa funny name XD) Unfortunately there are no official pictures yet, so we’ll have to make do with these pictures taken by fans :D

Gah Changmin, you look so hot even though I can’t see your face <33 (I can see your EARRING THOUGH XD)

Hmph, the blonde looks weird not styled.

I think it might be the lighting, but his hair colour looks heaps lighter here. Love the jacket.

Micky: there are certain ways to look attractive, wearing a bowl on your head is not one. But i still like your scarf :D

Guess who

Guess who again. (it looks like Yunho)
And here’s another picture of Micky nearly getting stampeded by fans:

Wow I feel sorry for them, they probably have to deal with this every where they go….If I was followed everywhere by screaming girls then I’d probably go live under a rock like Patrick Star and never go outside again XDD (not sure why I would ever be followed by screaming girls….)

From the pictures it looks like they were filming at a spa…fun stuff always happens at the spa…i remember Suju having fun at the spa when they filmed Full House…except for some reason no one (male) takes their shirt off in Korea spas, even though it’s like 100 degrees inside…and they all feel compelled to wear funny hats… [yea ignore me, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I worked all day and just got back from the beach, so I’m like delirious from exhaustion]

The boys are going to be on so many new Korean variety shows! It’s really exciting… Here’s a “timetable” so you’ll know when you need to take sick days/not hand in assignments XD :

2/23 – “line up” [all the members]

2/24 – “miraculous victories and defeats” = [Yunho, Junsu, and Changmin]

2/25 – “8 v. 1” = [Jae and Micky]

2/28 – “happy together” = [everyone :D] (hasn’t been confirmed that this is when “Happy together” will air)


  1. HAPPY TOGEHTER!???? YEAY I CAN SEE THEM ON TV!!!!!!!!! hahahaha, no sub though, pfft!
    LOOOOOOOOL i thought u asked me to guess tht white shirt & brown boots girl/ dude(?) ahahh silly me xD
    i was like “WOWW,YUNHO HAS A KAMO BUTT TOO” ahahah xD

  2. nooooooooooooooooooo bowl is back
    ahahah YES i thought u were talking bout the girl in boots and im like “no way is that Yunho…wt happened???” lol
    changmin looks nice and warm ^^

  3. Hey! OMO! I saw that episode on youtube. It was really really really good! I was laughing with my nose pinched cause my parents were in the room. tough job too!

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