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What DBSK did in their January holiday

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits: Herojjbar, What’s in Web,sparskey@tvfxqforever, legra88@multuply,
source finder: legra88@soompi

Not sure which magazine this is from, but it’s such a cute interview, so I thought I’d share it :D 

This issue of [What’s in] will be regarding the design of the tour logo before their arena tour [T] and an interview about their ideal live conceal. Being one of the first interviews for 2008, let’s start to understand them from here onwards! Just like that, we’ve published [What did you do during your January holiday?] and [My goal for 2008] on our website. There was laughter and tears and it seemed like we’ve fully experienced the 5 different types of holidays from the 5 of them

I went back to my hometown and went mountain climbing with family and friends. Although we took a cable car halfway up the mountain, but we walked all the way up to the halfway point first. After that, I attended a party with Jaejoong. I met up with my classmates from my first year in high school that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was a class gathering. Around 18 of us gathered a restaurant my friend owns and talked about what we have been doing while enjoying the night scenery together. It was very enjoyable.
In the year 2008, I want to teach myself the piano and to apply it to make our harmony more flexible. I’ve even bought the books needed to learn to play the piano

Lol he’s so cute, I love how he said “I’ve even bought the books” and to think I actually pay for a teacher to teach me XD. Gah, and he went to a party with Jae *——*

I went to the ski resort with my friends in Korea and tried skiing, something I haven’t done in a year. Actually, Changmin was supposed to go skiing with us but he caught a cold…. How good I am in skiing? Although I cannot do those jumps or 180 degree turns, I must say I have some skill (in skiing). My manager who went along got a shock and said that I was very good. I even brought my dog to play in the ski resort.
My goal for this year is, my fear of heights….Yeah, it’s impossible (laughs) (T/N: I think he means he wants to overcome that fear then says it’s impossible to overcome it). Oh yeah, I want to build a house where I can stay with my family. The members have also supported me in my decision. (Gives a shocked expression when talking about the members~)

Sounds like he had fun, I went to a ski resort once in NZ, twas awesome :D Can’t believe he took his manager on vacation with him though lol. And it’s so cute how he mentioned his dog, I just finished watching the Bonjour Paris DVD and he talked about his puppy in almost every scene, it was so cute <333

I went to play soccer with a bunch of my friends from high school. We played 6 on 6 and shot in many goals like footballers and the result was 20-18. Because there weren’t enough people, the goal keeper was practically non existent. I won by shooting 9 goals in 20 minutes. After that I went a restaurant that I always went to when I was a kid and before my debut. (T/N: I’m guessing it’s his dad’s restaurant? biggrin.gif ) We reminisced about a lot of things as a family and had a relaxing time.
My goal for the year is to compose good songs. I would like to compose a song that regardless of genre or nationality, no matter who listens to it, they’ll say ‘This song is good’.

Haha typical Junsu, I wonder if Eunhyuk was one of those “high school” friends? And I’m sure that I’ll love any song that’s composed by him, even if it ends up being a “Twinkle twinkle little star” remix :D

I went on a holiday to the villages with my friends. We left on the 1st of January and I drove about 5 hours or so before reaching. Although we stayed there for 5 days, but compared to that, the only thing I can remember is that I drove…… Something’s wrong. These 5 days flew past quickly compared to half a year of schedules. (laughs). And because of the crude oil spillage in Korea last year, I volunteered to clean the beach. Changmin and his father participated.
My goal for the year: because I have many problems with my body, in order to let my bones and muscles to become stronger, I want to go to the gym. Then I would also like to work even harder to finish an incomplete song and release it in our CD. My goal is to compose one more song compared to Junsu.

I didn’t know Jae also volunteered to clean up the beach? I thought it was only Changmin who went? And EEE he wants to go to the GYM, I hate exercise, but if HE’S gonna go then I will totally buy a membership card (and some cute exercise outfits) and go every day :D I LOL at the “my goal is to compose one more song compared to Junsu” sentence, he’s so cute lol XD

Although I participated in the volunteer activities, however because I was sick for majority of the break, it was a holiday that only comes once in a long time but I didn’t really go out to play. I just kept sleeping…. Although I went to the ski resort with Yoochun, but I got a cold after the day I arrived so I could only stay in the resort and sleep. I didn’t ski at all and didn’t even touch snow. Why did this happen? On the first day back, I thought [What did I do during the break] and was so upset I could’ve cried.
I would like to learn to play the guitar this year because I wanted to learn it since last year but I didn’t do it in the end. I want to be able to sing and play the guitar simultaneously one day. And I want to be healthy *laughs*

OMG HE WANTS TO PLAY GUITAR AND SING OMG OMG I WILL DIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE *goes into cardiac arrest* EEEEEEEEEE *——–* Ooo and I hope he’ll stay healthy this year (so he can play guitar and sing :P) sucks that he wasn’t able to enjoy his vacation because of his cold though :(

There’s also a cute translated Changmin interview about his first single here


  1. is this the 10 day holiday they had ?
    i didnt know about jae volunteering either O_O how come the cassiopeians didnt know about this??
    or maybe they did…we just werent informed til now XD
    LOL well if jae wants to compose more than junsu he still has 1.5 more to go since he did half of kiss shita mama sayonara XD

    argh!! poor changmin was sick on his break :( well at least he was sick during his holiday instead of during a tour or something…tho they probably hide that anyway :( awwwwwwwww I hope Changmin stays healthy too !!!

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