Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 17, 2008

Suju’s Unbelievable Outing SUBBED!

IT’S FINALLY SUUUUUUBBED!!!!! Thank you soooo much Shieldkitten @ Youtube for subbing this, if you ever happen to read this, just know that I think you’re awesome :DDD

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Muishies already subbed part one of this, and I know thats heaps of you have seen it (it’s where they split into funny teams like the “good looking” team, and the “ugly” team) so if you want then you can just click and watch part 2, or if you want to refresh your memory then watch part 1 again :D

The questions that they asked them to split them into the “Superior” and “Inferior” teams are really HARD, like “how many doors are in one carriage of a subway”, I have absolutely NO IDEA, and the question that they asked Eunhyuk “what is 121×273″ I’m sorry, but I would require a calculator for something like that ^^” lol thank goodness I wasn’t on the show, otherwise I would be like the CAPTAIN of the “Inferior” team LOL

After they finished splitting into the Superior and Inferior team, they had to play this game that’s kinda like the “memory” game that kids play in primary school. Basically there are all these big cards on the ground, each team takes turns sending out someone and they flip over the cards to reveal the picture on the other side. They have to flip over 2 cards, if they match then the other team has to do the punishment that’s on the card. Eg. Kangin flipped over two “coke” cards, so the other team had to drink 500mls of Coke each (omg I would’ve loved that)

Remember the really awesome/disturbing pictures of Kangin, Shindong, and Sungmin wearing makeup? Well it’s because of this game! The punishment was that they had to put on makeup without using a mirror XDDD I have to say though, they looked so PROFESSIONAL applying make up on themselves, like they do it EVERYDAY XDDD [Especially Sungmin, omg]

Anyway, after the makeup game they go to an outdoor swimming pool so that they can film….dun dun dun….Titanic 2!! XDDDD! They invite a “professional” to show them how it’s done (the professional actor has acted as a “drowning victim” for the last 12 years, what an awesome job)

Shindong gets picked to be the “director” and he has to look at the “auditions” and determine whether to cast them or not. My personal favourite was Yesung’s audition XDDD

Part 6 isn’t working for me right now, but try it, it might work for you :D

This show is so funny, I hope shieldkitten subs the rest! But here’s a cut of Eunhyuk singing “She’s Gone” on a recent episode, he turns a rock song into trot XD



  1. Hahaha, thanks for sharing this! ^__^ *runs off to watch*

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