Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 18, 2008

Heechul’s “new look”

Credit: 默然96961 @ Baidu Super Junior Bar

Lol, don’t worry, I think that it’s just a temporary thing. The Inkigayo theme for this week was leather, thus the weird hair and clothes :D

The hand gesture thing that he’s doing is actually the one from the girl band “Jewellery”‘s MV “One more Time”, the funny thing is that I just watched that MV this morning, after reading about the group on some forum, so I was like “Ooo that looks familiar” when I saw this picture. You can watch the MV here. I must commend those girls for making such a tremendously good music video, yep, absolutely breath taking, so incredibly deep and meaningful (wow I really need to make up a “rolls eyes” smiley)

Btw, there’s been some talk about an American Idol contestant resembling Heechul, watch his audition clip here. Personally I think that at the very start, he looked heaps like Heechul, but then you see him singing, and they look really different. What do you think?


  1. ooh I heard about the american idol contestant too XD
    but LOL i went from Changmin’s post to this one and im like … *raises eyebrow*
    …heechul makes me LOL

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