Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 18, 2008

Zhang Li Yin’s first album, tracklist and cover

Credit: AIRIIN @ Baidu ZLY Bar

3.A Flame for you
4.星愿(I WILL)
10.One more try
11.Y (why…)

The song that features Siwon and Hangeng in the MV is track 4, and Hangeng’s voice is also featured in track 2. I wonder if “Y” and “Timeless” in the album will be the Chinese versions? I’ve got the Chinese version of “Timeless”, and I must say, I brings me great amusement hearing Junsu sing in Chinese…lol

While I don’t count myself as one of her “biggest fans”, I’m quite eager to hear her album. Undeniably she does have a very very powerful voice, but idk, between her lack of voice control and her timidness on stage, she just doesn’t really strike me as an artist. But maybe singing in her native language will give her the confidence to come out of her shell? Meh, my opinion, you don’t have to agree. Nanshi actually wrote a great post on ZLY which you can read here, although if you’re a hard-core fan and don’t think you can handle constructive criticism, then don’t bother going.

I must say that I’m a little dissapointed with the cover though, for an SM produced album, the cover is a little…..blah? I guess I’m used to the “concepts” that LSM always uses for his other artists, so it’s making me judge albums by their cover; idk though, would you grab CD off the shelf if you were just randomly browsing?


    im so excited for this album!!!!! *happy happy*
    except it’s all in simplified XD lol but thats okay
    so then…theres olny gonna be the 3 korean songs?
    oh well im still really excited!!!

  2. thanks. for the news.

  3. ha!!
    i’ve been waiting for the album.
    despite her timidness on stage..i must admit that she has a great voice
    besides, sob..i really envy that she had the chance of duet with junsu
    and she’s same age as me…same birthday too. so..i was thinking..well..indirectly, i have some connection with junsu
    *faints..sorry for my randomness!

  4. ^wow u have the same bday as ZLY?? that is so cool O_O i dont think i have the same bday as any celeb :S
    lol yep yep that makes u indirectly connected with junsu :P

  5. hey cool! you cited one of my posts! okay, I’m done. I have to go comment on Changmin’s post….

  6. Oh, and for what it’s worth: there is no doubt that ZLY’s album is probably going to be really good. Her LIVES on the other hand are going to be something else to “look forward” to. Personally though, sometimes ZLY’s voice can feel a little too repetitive to me (like sometimes, I can’t even get through “Heaven”) because of it’s intonation and general tone, but that’s just personal preference. We’ll see; personally, I can never see her really ever singing a “catchy” song, and those are usually the ones that stick out and garner really good album sales. Although I’m sure she’ll have decent sales as well.

  7. The cover is just … boring. SM could’ve done so much better. Idk, but from my POV, it’s channeling country. And I dislike country music a great deal (though Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are exceptions). I find SM’s given ZLY pretty boring covers in the past, so why change it up now.

    Her voice control seems to be pretty much the same (from the Hand in Hand perf), but she looks LOADS more confident, which may just upstart her career. I dunno, but I’m used to female chinese singers having really REALLY cute voices (or really breathy ones), so ZLY doesn’t really fit the mold. But it’s different, which is definitely appealing in a way. Personally, I think her voice sounds better in korean than in chinese, but I haven’t heard enough of her chinese songs to really know.


  8. Candychu:
    Hmm I think all the songs on the album will be in Chinese??
    I’m really excited to the the MV that has Hangeng and Siwon :D

    you’re welcome ;)

    Haha, if that makes you indirectly related to Junsu then I should be indirectly related to Changmin because my birthday’s on the 18th too (just in a different month) XDDDD

    She needs a “trademark” song, like “O” and “Rising Sun” is for DBSK. I’ve heard her new song “One more try”, it’s a nice song, but…it just wasn’t *it* you know? Idk, I guess you could argue that “Timeless” is her song, but whenever I listen to it I just think “Junsu!” I’m really curious to see if she will dance, she doesn’t strike me as a dancer, but hay, maybe she’ll surprise me?

    I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME ON THIS COVER!! All the comments i’ve read relating to the cover has been about how “pretty” it is, and how it’s “so creative”; um…no offence BUT WHAT’S CREATIVE ABOUT THAT?! It reminds me of a scene from a horror movie. And I’m definitely feeling the country vibe that the photo’s giving off, and because I strongly dislike country music, if i was just passing through a CD store, I would NOT buy that CD.
    Gah, cute female voices *rolls eyes*, not a fan.
    I’m really curious to see how this album will do in terms of album sales though. She’s not exactly “well known” in the Chinese market, and this is the first time that SM has released a chinese album by a chinese singer in China, so…good luck to her ;)
    I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS <333 (and your blog ;))

  9. candychu :
    yeap yeap. thanks! ^^

    pinkandsparkly :
    yeah. i dun like the cover though. i dunno, maybe SM doesn’t want to spend that much on her yet cause the return is not guaranteed cause like what u said just now, she’s really well known in China yet.

  10. LOL omg i mentioned to spazzes that this also reminded me of some scary movie…
    like all i think of is signs – crop circles – aliens etc etc
    okay im probably gonna hav nightmares tonight coz i just picturd ZLY turning around with a bloody face and bleeding eyes… O_O
    im weird…im sorry

  11. I love to hear this Jang Ri In Unnie voice…
    So strong and also powerful…
    Her voice make a song feel so fantastic..
    All her song seems like “click” to be sang in a huge and spectaculer stage..^^

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