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DBSK Premium Live Talking bit SUBBED.

Video Credit: khy127 @ Youtube + GOE;SS for subbing

I *think* this is on the DVD in their “T” album, I can’t tell you for sure though, cause guess what, my album STILL hasn’t arrived :DDD

In the video, they take turns introducing their singles. Junsu tells everyone that he composed the music for “Rainy Night”, and Micky helped him arrange the music – did you know that? I didn’t, he is so TALENTED *——* [I love how he tells everyone to clap for him XDDD *claps loudly*]

Micky talks about how he wrote the lyrics for “My Girlfriend” (very special lyrics, i’ll put it at the end of this post) After Micky said that, Junsu tells everyone that the “lyrics are good”, and Jae goes “what are you talking about, it’s in English” XDD

Jae describes his solo as belonging to a “weird genre”, I totally agree, it sounds like it’s from an anime  :| Junsu describes Changmin’s song as “a song that cannot be sung by anyone else besides Changmin” which is SO TRUE, because the pitch is so incredibly HIGH.

Ok, favourite part of the video. Yunho says that his solo is a “sexy pop song”, and Jae corrects his “sexy” pronunciation and goes “Saisshhiiiiii” LOL I LOVE YOU JAE YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DORK EVER :DDDDD

Micky’s “My Girlfriend” Lyrics:

My Girlfriend

Lyrics: Park Yoochun
Music: Jun Suyama
Arrangement: Jun Suyama

First time when I kissed your lips, you were a loveable
It was bright snowing day that our love began.

Girl they just don’t understand, not even a clue
So girl I won’t stop. I’m the one who will be right there.

Lets stay together U R my Girlfriend
It feels like heaven. I love you. I do love you so
Just walk with me until the end of times yeah
So let me be of your mine! Just let me please you!!

I’m just tryin’ to say how much I do love you
I’ve been tease you so long that was my bad expressions to you
For just now. Sitting here. Get relax. The day you gave me a blue
tumbler like a puppy lover
Yeah~ with this coffee sweet imagine our future marriage
and gettin associated.
So girl listen to my heart won’t change.
Maybe my love is bigger than Ginger bread man’s vitality

Baby~ Good Morning everyday I wake up with you with the lovely call.
I didn’t know how to (cook but I can make you a song.)

Girl they just don’t understand. Not even a clue.
SO girl I won’t stop. I’m the who will be right there.

Let’s stay together U R my Girlfriend
It feels like heaven. I love you. I do love you so
Just walk with me until the end of times yeah
So let me be of your mine! Just let me please you!!

Everything will gonna be fine.
God gave me answer of my life
Look at me girl
You’re lovely I can tell so
One day it will come true. Baby never gonna make you cry.

Let’s stay together Girlfriend
Hold on together everythings all right
Till the end of times baby
Leave the passed behind
You’re always my girl friend
Yeah~ I do. Love you so much I do baby
Just walk with me follow me
Of your mine just let me please you

I love you baby

Credits: yoochun @ LJ DBSGcomm

Oh Micky….you bring so much amusement into my life XDDDD


    now i can know wat they were saying!!
    hehe i knew yoochun wrote the lyrics to his song but i didnt know junsu composed it!!
    omg that means jaejoong has to compose 2 and a half more songs as opposed to 1.5 in order to “beat” junsu
    *runs off to dl this clip*
    …yoochun is so singing that song to me
    and i read this thing where some girl actually tried “making sense” of yoochun’s lyrics. and his gingerbread man reference was actually an allusion to describe that his love will be greater than that of the gingerbreadman coz he wont be running away or something like that
    but omg…im gonna hav to listen to rainy night now…i love that song so much!
    almost as much as white lie <333 or maybe i love them equally ^^

  2. i meant i didnt know junsu composed HIS song*
    and yes it is on T ^^

  3. hiiii and why hasnt your t album arrived! its in the album alright. but i just skipped that part cos i didnt understand a word and i was laughing to myself cos they were clapping ever now and then . thanks fr putting this uppppppp. i love you, and your blog. haha, ive been a silent reader, really. and i just got a wordpress so i could comment.. anyway, i could have just died on the computer -.- DID YOU SEE THE YOOSU GOING ONNNNNN. sorry im a bigggggg hugeeeeee ginormous yoosu fan, arent they just so lovelyyyy. haha, okay im crapping too much. MIN’S 20 “ woooo.

  4. omg i got the MAZE LIVE song ! woot XD and i got Yunchun’s My Girlfriend also live version, with fangirls kinda screaming in the background T__T
    LOL when i first heard Yunchun’s song, i couldnt really understand what he was sayin but i still found it cute . such a nice melody =D and now theres lyrics YAY ! i can sing along XD
    i really like all their solo performances,because they all had a different genre . my fav is Jae’s .. but i’m kinda drawn into Yunho’s as well .. his voice ~ eeeek XP

  5. lols i didnt close the code properly .. >____<”

    “omg i got the MAZE LIVE version song ! wooot ! and i have Yunchun’s My Girlfriend also a live version, with fangirls screaming in the back ground T___T song ! YAY XD

  6. Candychu:
    I don’t have White Lie…can you send it to me?
    Dw, *I* will give Jae inspiration to write his 2.5 songs HAHA, I can just see it now, me dancing in front of him going “write songs la la la, write songs, de de de” XDDD

    You got an account so you can comment? ILU <333 *hugs*
    Yea my “T” album STILL hasn’t arrived, i preordered it in January =.=
    I just posted a Yoosu post :D

    Haha don’t worry bout the codes, I always get them wrong myself =.=
    I’ve been listening to “My Girlfriend”, it’s such a pretty song :D
    If you want the studio version of “My Girlfriend” then I can send it to you ^—^
    My favourite Premium Live single would have to be Junsu’s, love that boy :D

  7. I actually really liked My Girlfriend, which is probably due to the fact that I absolutely LOVE R&B. And really, Micky has THE PERFECT VOICE (it’s deep enough and husky enough) to carry off that genre. Plus, I understood about half of the song from the get-go, so really, his english wasn’t that bad. I think it was just a terrible combination of his deep voice and the style of his song that gave the illusion of him mumbling in the song.

    Hehe. Jae’s song really does sound like it came out of an anime. So, my brother burned a CD with a bunch of anime theme songs on it, and because we put it on REPEAT for the entire drive down to some place in the US (I can’t remember where rofl) and BACK (it was like an 8-hour drive there and back), those songs have been ENGRAVED into my HEAD. And I’m not a huge fan of anime, but I really HATE those radio talkshows that my parents love listening to, so I endured. Anyway, the point of the matter is, Jae’s song totally fits in with those anime theme song type things. (I’m really loving my nonsensical typing here.)

    Haha. Jae’s such a dork. Have I mentioned that he looked incredibly awkward standing in the middle, while the others were turned in towards him? For some odd reason, his clothes looked baggy on him, so he just looked like some awkward fifth grader. Of course, I say this lovingly, cos he’s really such a cutie.

    AND I LOVE JUNSU’S SOLO. His voice really is suited for the ballad genre, so he sounds SO.NICE while singing it. *runs off to listen some more*

  8. Playmeagain:
    He does sound like he’s mumbling in the song, but in terms of engrish, it wasn’t actually THAT bad (compared to say, “Hug international version” OMG, now THAT was bad)
    But I can’t help Lol-ing at some of the lyrics, “gingerbread man vitality”??
    As much as I love Jae, I can’t help but cringe whenever I listen to the live version of “Maze”, his “Are you reaaaady?!” intro at the start is too funny.
    And yes, he’s ALWAYS such a dork lol, people always comment on how he looks so “cold”, but whenever I see him, I just think “DORKDORKDORKDORKDORK” heh..

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