Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 19, 2008

Micky and Junsu playing with their puppies :D

Video Credit: Leebendy @ Youtube

Random post, but OH SO CUTE ^————————^

The big fluffy white one is Junsu’s “Xiaki”, the black and white one is Micky’s “Harang”, and the Golden retriever is Junsu’s brother’s “Huki”.

I’m guessing from the colour of Junsu’s hair that the video is fairly recent, but meh, who knows, maybe it’s just the lighting. Here are some more pictures of their dogs (becauseit’stoohottogooutsideandIhavenolife)

[Credit: Baidu JJ Bar, and Poetic_Goofy @ Soompi]

Jae’s dog “Bikeu” Edit: apparently the dog’s name is “Vick”, after Jae’s nickname “Visual Shock” XDD:

Yunho’s dog “Taepung”: [Apparently he’s only just bought him/her recently]

Micky’s dog “Harang”:

Junsu’s dog “Xiaki”:

“Xiaki” and “Harang” are definitely real, and I think Jae’s dog is too. Not sure about Yunhos…but he did say in “Bonjour Paris”that he was going to get a Husky, so maybe that is his dog? Except……what happened to the puppies that Jae and Micky had??

Lol, imagine if all these dogs lived in their dorm with them (I know they probably don’t but shush) their dorm would be so much FUN, and maybe Suju can go visit with Heebum, Bada, and Rider XDDDD

[Poor Changmin…no dog for him….but if he feels left out then I could lend him mine for a day :D on the condition that I deliver her to them XDDDDD]


  1. oh no!
    xiah even named his dog xiaki? that’s so cute…kawai…
    wonder who takes care of ’em while they are gone. i mean, we all know that they have super uber tight schedule, right?
    *have the intention of stealing xiaki…kekeke..

  2. nono
    let me have this right
    i wanna kidnap all their dogs.
    n let them come to my house and search for it in return

    dun worry pinkandsparkly. u have a partner here.
    ihavenolifeandiknowthat (:

  3. Ervxiah:
    Partners in crime *hi5*
    It would be pretty difficult to kidnap their dogs though, THEY HAVE TOO MANY XDD
    I think “Xiaki” means “taken care of by Xiah”, except Junsu mentioned that he should change the dog’s name to “Hoki” now cause his brother is taking care of it due to DBSK’s busy schedule

  4. junsu’s brother?? did u mention junsu’s brother?!??!?!?!?! *has a spasm* lol is he in the video?????? ^^
    omg junsu’s dog did not look like that before O_O crap theyve grown so much
    my favourite would probably be yunho’s dog…i mean…a husky!!! *squeals*
    lol changmin doesnt have a dog because he has me…and im a good enough playmate

  5. OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
    Who was the third guy standing there? he came up to the camera but i cudnt see his face
    but wow they seem like such good dogs…then ithink about my aunty’s dog who almost killed me wen i lived with her in HK…*shudder*
    but aww i wanna play with their doggies too…which reminds me of this dream i once upon a time had. basically junsu + changmin were my nxtdoor neighboursand junsu’s cat jumped into my backyard and so i took the cat back to them and they invited me into their house…hohoho

  6. pinkandsparkly:

    lols.. yeah*hi5*!!
    oh.that was mentioned in Bonjour Paris right?oh no, i won’t wanna name my dog ervki? it’s too…xiaki sounds right.
    yea..guesso. dun think the dog will remember xiah as he hardly goes home

    nice dream!

  7. They are seriously TOOO adorable. I’m wondering where Chorah is though? Micky actually has TWO puppies; Harang and Chorah. Chorah was the one he kept on showing the camera on Bonjour Paris. Micky USED to own Shongah too, but Shongah decided that he (she?) liked Jae more and “went over” to Jaejoong…! hehe. I would’ve too… *biased little me*. here’s some pics (not hotlinking though cause I’m taking the link from soompi).

    It’s Xiahki, Shongah, Chorah, and Harangie.

    And I wonder who takes CARE of zem, to be honest. The boys are always in Japan or… somewhere else. Seriously, I’ve never been a dog person, but seeing how CUUUUUTE the dongbang’s dogs are makes me want to go out and adopt one. haha.

    and gawsh they’re so energetic O_O i would die if i had to look after them ><
    omg i LURVE Yunho’s dog ! i LURVE HUSKY’S !
    hrmm i thought the manager was looking after their dogs .. i remember Micky was sayin that in the Bonjour Paris ? and i know Junsu’s bro was lookin after his ..
    like Nanshi, i’m not a dog person , but after watching this .. EEEEE i want one XDD

  9. Candychu:
    I *think* the third guy is the dogs’ trainer, not sure though.
    Hmm Junsu’s brother? You know him? (you sound like you know him lol)
    You have the weirdest dreams ever, seriously. I can STILL picture Donghae dancing in the sack =.=”
    I think my favourite dog is Jae’s, not just because i’m extremely biased, but because it looks like a big version of my dog haha~ Oo and Junsu’s is CUTE, it’s so fluffy ^—^

    Yep, that was mentioned in Bonjour Paris.
    Xiaki is a ADORABLE name, but like you said, it will probably only work with “Xiah”, I don’t really want to name my dog “Jenki”, that sounds really weird XD

    Ooo thanks for the picture!!
    Er…so how many dogs is that…Junsu:1, Micky:2, Jae:2,Yunho:1…THAT’S SIX DOGS OMG. I feel sorry for their dogs, they probably never SEE their owners.
    I’ve always been a dog person (with the exception of small-yappy-demonic dogs) cats freak me out…

  10. it’s been over a year already, so i don’t kno if anyone answer your question yet. but yunho’s dog is real. from what i heard from a friend of mine, Jaejoong bought Taepung for Yunho as a birthday present.

    and Changmin does have a dog.. a little white maltese.. i forgot the name XD

  11. actually max has a puppy
    its a maltease named mangdong
    and isnt vick jaejoong’s dog’s name?

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