Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 19, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Video Credit: SYTYCDAustralia @ Youtube

I was going to post this over at Boy meets Girl, but more people come here, and this NEEDS to be shared.

I know that not everyone here watches/has watched “So you think you can dance” – I’ve only watched one episode of the American one (that was the episode with the Tranji dance btw). But because I have no life, and school hasn’t started, I decided to tune in to the Australian “So you think you can dance”on Sunday night, and happened to watch the first live performance with the Top 20.

Personally, I hate dancing. I am VERY un-co, and I go all stiff, so at parties, I’m normally the one sitting on the side eating XD But although I hate dancing, I love WATCHING it, if that makes sense. My favourite style of dance to watch would be Hip hop, and ballet, contemporary confuses me. Anway, moving on.

So I was sitting in front of the TV on Sunday night, not really expecting anything that great (I am such a pessimist) but then THIS routine came on, and I must say, I was absolutely blown away (HA, I just used a cliché, I’m heaps cool). This whole routine imo was performed flawlessly, it’s one of those routines where everything just seems to WORK – the moves, the costumes, the music – and it was AWESOME.

My favourite scene is when the guy lifts up the girl’s dress and kinda spins her, so pretty *—–*. Oh, and for those interested, the style that they had to perform was “modern waltz”.


  1. omg i watched this on sunday as well LOL .. and then half way thru the show, i realised grey’s anatomny was on T___T i LOVED this performance, it was so good ! everything just wokred so well .. funny thing is that he guy is .. gay XD but you couldnt tell in the dance =D also, he can dance better than me T___T

  2. Minjee4micky:
    You watched this too?? YAY i can spazz about this show with someone now :DDD
    I love Rhys, he’s my favourite <333 and like you said, he totally doesn’t look gay in this dance! I was like OMG MARRY ME NOW when I watched it haaahaaaaa

  3. That perf was superb. Really. And I *loved* their costumes. Because I love fashion SO MUCH, I’m ALWAYS scrutinizing the clothes people wear, and OMG, her dress was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the dance. I’d LOVE to have a dress like that, just to wear on the beach or something.

    Maybe not white, though. I can see lots of things going WRONG with the colour white. (HaveImentionedthatI’maklutz?!)

  4. Playmeagain:
    You love fashion??ME TOO!!!! I am guilty of buying way too many fashion magazines each month, but I can’t help it, I just love everything to do with it :D
    Her dress was so pretty and flowy, i want a dress like that for summer..
    And yes, while I love wearing white (it looks good on everyone) I have ruined SO MANY white outfits, so now I always try to steer myself towards the dark colour racks XDDD

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