Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 20, 2008

History in Japan Vol.3 details

I was just over at Yesasia trying to figure out why my “T” album is still not here, and I found this:

I’m just going to copy and paste Yesasia’s description because I am lazy

Dong Bang Shin Ki is taking off again. The popular boy band continues to draw the attention of their fans with the releases of their live DVD – 2nd Asia Tour Concert “O” and most recent J-pop album T. The surprises from the energetic group keep coming with the third installment in the boys’ History In Japan series, once again packed with interesting video footage. Initial edition comes with poster design postcard

According to CrazyYochy @ Soompi, the DVD includes:

Members Interviews
2nd Album “Five in the Black”
3rd Album “T” Promotional Activities
A-nation LIVE (2 songs)
Promotional 3rd Album Release
Others footages

Very tempting….but I think I’ll pass. If Avex decides to release an edition with English subs then I’ll buy it :D

If you understand Japanese (or you just have lots of $$) click here to pre-order

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