Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 21, 2008

Junsu imitating a dog and a giraffe

Video Credit: ttdquynh @ Youtube + GOE;SS for subbing

What can I say…he’s definitely a man of many talents XDDDD

I think this is from their Bigeast radio show. Junsu imitates a dog, a giraffe (I didn’t even know giraffes made sounds – I’m not very in touch with nature ^^”) and someone who he can imitate really well, guess who that is ;)

[Yes, this post is random, but 99% of the content on this blog is, so meh :D]

Ooo and click here to watch Yunho make dog and cat noises XD


  1. okay them saying junsu is really good at imitating animals was sarcasm right?
    or maybe they were dellusional confused as to wat a giraffe actually sounds like O_O it sounds more like a dying animal LOL haha ILU Junsu <3

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