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“Tohoshinki’s Challenge 5! Ep. 3 – Teamwork”

Video Credit: yoochunsa64b @ Youtube

It’s another one of these videos! In Ep.1 they had to play with that wooden ball toy thing, in Ep.2 they made “paper cranes”, and this time they had to test their teamwork. They got asked a question, and they had to all write down the same answer on their whiteboards, the member/s who write down a different answer to the rest must act out what he would say if a girl he likes tells him she likes him. The uploader posted the translation, so I’ll copy and paste that here:

ALL: tohoshinki’s challenge 5!
JJ: this wk is a game to test our teamwork. everyone must give the same answer to a question. and there’s a punishment. you have to act out what you would say – with the expressions and everything – if a girl came up and confessed her love to you.
YC: embarrassing…
JJ: yeah, it’s embarrassing… [aw~]

Question: what’s your #1 fave japanese food?
YC: ah! there are so many!
JJ: this is really difficult!
YC: #1 fave japanese food?
CM/YH: there’s one that we’re into these days.
JS: is there a hint? or could we discuss?
YC/CM: we can’t?
JJ: no discussing!
YH: i think it’s this. should we go?
JS: if you don’t know this, then you’re a spy. [lol!]
JJ: 3 and…
Director: the spelling, too.
CM: spelling, spelling, spelling.
YC: spelling, too?
JS/YH: i wrote in hiragana…
YH: i think it’s this. i could be wrong.

ALL: “kare-” (japanese curry)
JJ: eh? ah, JS! [lol! JS wrote “kare” with out the hyphen. that changes the pronunciation, so it’s wrong spelling.^^]
JS: isn’t this ok? it’s the same “kare”! [so cute!]
JJ: what? / CM: that’s not necessary in katakana.
JJ: “ka” in hiragana and “re-” in katakana. what do we do? lol!
CM: then YH and JS who got it wrong.

Director: from whom? / YH: from JS
JS: do i do it seriously?
YC/JJ/CM: up to you.
JS: [lol! YC’s face drawing!] the girl i like, right?
Director: now, if a girl you like confessed love to you. 3, 2, 1…
JS: thank you~ i’ve been waiting for you~ [lol!! JS’ so cute!!]
YC: lol! ah, that was so funny!! [lol! YC’s dying laughing!]

Director: that drawing by yoochun…
YH: [JJ’s pig face drawing. lol!] what’s this?
JS: “YH, actually, i’ve been liking you for a while now.”
YH: really? [lol!]

JJ: um, we got a lot of different answers. like “really?” and…
YC: “thank you.”
JJ: next wk, we’ll be back to try another challenge!

LOL Junsu is such a cute little squishy in this ^———–^. I loved Jae’s reaction to Junsu’s answer, he was all:”GAAHHH JUNSU”*pulls hair out* XDDDD I don’t know what was wrong with Yunho’s answer, but it was hard to see what he actually wrote cause his board was so messy ^^”

The pictures that the boys drew for Junsu and Yunho’s “dream girl” are SO FUNNY, especially Jae’s pig drawing omg XD And Junsu’s so cute, he was all: *blush*…thank you…i’ve been waiting for you HEEHEEE [that reminds me of a recent convo that I had with someone, except in my case I said “thank you, bye.”] And Yunho’s “really?!” along with his petrified expression just made me LOL XDDDD


  1. Oh NOOOOOOOOO~~~~ Yunho looks so embarassed…!! It’s okay!!!! My katakana is really bad (you should see me try to read it; it’s like a 1st grader trying to read a book for the first time) too. And Junsu’s all, “huh?” and adorably spacey and JAEJOONG!! OMG JAE ILOVEYOU!!!!!! He looks SOOO defeated!!!! I make a lot of really silly mistakes with my Japanese too (those silly little dashes defeat me everytime). Unfortunately, my GRADE is at stake, whereas, they can just be embarassed and they have Cassiopeia to murder anyone that DAREMAKEFUNOFZEM. sooo cuuuuute!

  2. LMAO ! omg this was SOOO FUNNNY !
    ahahaha ! Jaejoong kept laughing at Yunho, where Yunho was just so shattered XDD
    and Yuchun kept laughing at Junsu where Junsu was acting soo cute XDD
    ahhh this ended my night well ^____^

  3. Nanshi:
    Oh, are you studying Japanese in College??
    They’re so lucky that they have the Cassiopeias out there to abuse anyone who would dare make fun of them, I need a group of people like that when I attempt to speak French, cause no joke, I sound like an ALIEN, French people would probably run away from me, in fear.

    I love these little videos, I wonder what game they’ll be playing next week??
    I loved the pictures that they drew in this, poor Junsu, he looked so SHY *squishes him*

  4. Yeah, I am studying it at school. *sigh* What I REALLY need to do is to be planted in the middle of Japan somewhere to acquire fluency. Even though I have a strong suspicion that even though the DongBangs say then “know” Japanese fluently, that a lot of the things they say/do are still highly scripted. I mean, I don’t claim that my level is “that much” more advanced than their’s, BUT they use some pretty complicated and elaborate phrasings sometimes…

  5. Have I mentioned that I absolutely ADORE Jae’s laugh? It’s cuuuuuuuuute, to the point that I can’t help but laugh at him.

    Haha. Did you see Jae’s death stare around 1:53 (after Yunho says “Spelling?”). Omg, it was so intense and just cemented Jae’s nerdiness. Really, I’ve never really met anybody (other than my nerdy self) who dies over the wrong spelling, and Jae just looked … like … he was at his wits’ end. Of course, I just laughed at him, like the good fangirl I am.

    Definitely failed my chem test. Or if not failed, close to failed. WHY IS CHEMISTRY SO BLOODY DIFFICULT SOMETIMES?!

  6. Nanshi:
    Sigh…yes, I understand. I really want/need to go to France for like a year or something, so I can actually USE the language.
    I really want to be able to understand Japanese, just so I can hear their “accents”, ‘coz you know how, when you’re fluent in a language, you can hear different peoples accents? Yea well, I bet their accents are really funny XDD

    Oohhhhh yes, I love laughing at him, it’s like, a hobby XD
    he looked so STRESSED because of Junsu and Yunho writing it wrong, such an adorable little dork *—-*
    Chemistry = death. But dw, I can guarantee that I know people with worse chemistry skills than you. My best friend showed me her old chemistry test from years ago, and it was one of those tests that had pictures of different pieces of equipment, and you had to label it. Well, my friend labelled the test tube “a shot glass”, and the evaporating dish “an acorn” =.=”. Thank goodness she chose to major in Law and not medicine…

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