Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 21, 2008

What DBSK will be performing on “Inkigayo”

According to this article on Baidu, DBSK will be performing “Purple Line” and “Yeo Haeng Gi – Travelling Log” on “Inkigayo”, which will be aired on the 24th.

They will be lipsyncing “Purple Line”, but will sing “Travelling” LIVE :DDDD

I am very glad that they’re lipsyncing “Purple Line”, that way I won’t be distracted by trying to analyse their singing, and will actually focus on all the hot dancing :D And while “Travelling log” isn’t one of my favourite DBSK songs (I always get it mixed up with “1000 year love song” for some reason), I’m sure the performance will change my mind (just like what happened with “Proud” and “Love in the ice”)

This weekend is going to be PACKED with DBSK shows, I have all their appearances written down in my Suju diary (I’MADORKIKNOW) :D Speaking of Suju, I wonder if DBSK will be guests at their concert???  *stares at LSM with puss-in-boots eyes*


  1. thats the only bad thing about being in korea .. they dont have to perform live
    i agree with wat u said about them lipsynching so u can focus on their dancing but but but i think deep down id still prefer live …
    i was watching my T dvd (as you do) and their live performances of summer dream and choosey lover and try my love and shine sound SO GOOD like u honestly would not be able to pick up on it being live and not the original … :P

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