Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 22, 2008

Zhang Li Yin – “I will” mp3 download

Credit: Potensvita for giving me the link <333 (and the heads up), YuNa~PsX for ripping it off the youtube preview

Preview the MV here

This is the song that has the MV with Hangeng and Siwon from Super Junior in it. I like it :D

I don’t count myself as ZLY’s fan, but I’m not a anti-fan either, so I guess that makes me neutral. Therefore, it means that my comments don’t contain any bias :D So as a NEUTRAL listener, and a music student, I have to say that it’s a really well composed song, I think it suits her voice really well, and I’m looking forward to watching her perform this live.

I’ve reuploaded the song here, so if you want someone else to download it, upload this yourself, or direct them over here, OTHERWISE I WILL DO TO YOU WHAT HANGENG DID TO SIWON IN THE MV. *angelic smile*

[I’m supposed to be rewriting short score music into open score music (oh what fun) but I keep discovering these lovely new things and then posting about them XDDD – yea you didn’t need to know that, I’m just in a sharing mood xP]


  1. Hi! Look, stalking your blogs…!! =DDDD
    Anyways, I just heard the entire song, and while it is nice, I find ZLY’s voice to be a little strained sometimes, but I think why a lot of people like it is because it’s so deep and “rich” sounding; you usually don’t get deep and rich voices in Asia. Asia artists tend to sing a key or at least a half-step higher than she does. She’s not as much of a belter as I originally though; her voice is just very strong and very deep, which is why it sounds a little clogged at some points during the song. Unfortunately, the only thing that may redeem her will be some seriously stellar live (and not lipsynched) performances. My bad first impression still remains, and I feel like I should give her a little credit, but there’s something about her voice that stops me from liking it 100%… ne?

  2. Oh, and btw: there’s this guy that’s doing background vocals at around 1:40ish in the song, and I’m sorry… but WOW. MUST FIND HIM NOW.

  3. Thanks For The Song.
    ;] I Downloaded it.

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