Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 22, 2008

ZLY’s new MV “I will” Preview [feat.Hangeng+Siwon]

Video Credit: yling0208 @ Youtube

WOW youtube is fast!

I just saw this on sohu, and was going to post that link up, but then I go on youtube, and someone has already uploaded it!!

Anyway, it’s a short 0:42 seconds preview of ZLY’s new MV “I will”, featuring Hangeng and Siwon. I LOVE the concept, it’s so original. I don’t understand what it has to do with the song title or style, but I think that the full version of this MV is definitely something to look forward to.

It’s pretty hard to recognise who’s who in those costumes, but I think Hangeng is the one in the light coloured robe, and Siwon is that one that he stabs – correct me if I’m wrong. I’m going by their facial expressions LOL

ZLY also sounds quite good in this song, very powerful voice.



  1. Yeon Hee – light blue robe.
    Han Geng – reddish with the swear at first.
    Si won – long bear 0_0

    the singer, JRI, NO AROUND.

    i like the MV but …. why is it that she is always not around? TT

    here is the full preview to the song, I Will

  2. Potensvita:
    Wow, you’re fast, I just posted this
    Thanks so much for the link!!!!! I’m gonna upload this song for other people to download in a sec.
    I’m not sure why she’s never around….like in the Timeless MV, I thought the girl was her, but then I saw her in a performance, and i was like “wow, she’s changed”. I’ve only recently found out that it wasn’t actually HER in the Timeless MV =.=”
    Oo does that mean that I got the Suju boys right?? Wow i’m good XDDD

  3. yup. you are good. ^^
    haha. i am going to convert you into a JRI lover lol. haha. talk about obsessed.

  4. ooh omg i got goosebumps
    yeh hankyung is the one in the pink one eh?
    but omg this reminds me of one series i once watched where they were filming a scene whre someone got shot but the gun had been switched to a real one so the actres died O_O
    but i hope LYH + Hankyung + Siwon will have some parts with face painting…lee yeon hee is so pretty ^^

  5. without* face painting ><

  6. thank you for sharing the clip! i likey! but why do i have a feeling its gonna be like a prequel to timeless lolz XD

    but woah intense mv man! looking forward to it :D

  7. Potensvita:
    I am so observant *–*
    and dw, I enjoy being converted to new artists :DDD

    Omg, which series was that?? It sounds so morbid =.= Btw, I watched the “love contract” drama MV, it’s so SAAAAAAAAAD ;_____;

    Yea, it’s very intense….why does Hangeng always have to die ;__; Like I said in one of the other posts, the girl should die for once xP

  8. one of those HK series on police/detective thingies…from ages ago XD
    oooh which one did u watch? coz there are several…wat did u find so sad about it? i dont remember wat the MV I watched was like XD
    but yeh that series is really depressing like i mentioned before =(

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