Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 23, 2008

DBSK “Line up” screen caps.

I’m not going to write captions for anything until they release the “behind the scenes” photos (which SBS always releases) or until I find some clearer pictures.

Pity I’m not writing captions for these though, because I can already think of several lines for this one:


HAHA. Click here and here for more.They’re mainly screen caps of Jae, but I’m not being biased, Jae’s fans are just really FAST. (I think show ended an hour ago?)

Someone on baidu said that Micky talked about how, they love the support that they get from their fans, but sometimes they go a bit overboard (NO?!?!REALLY??NEVER.) Because recently, there’s been a girl who keeps walking around their house, and you know those lights which light up when they detect movement? Yea well apparently the boys have one of those, so everytime she walks under it, it lights up LOL. And apparently she “wants to talk to Jae”, but it’s ok girls, she’s already been “kindly escorted” away from their building XDDD <<<< not sure how accurate that is, guess we’ll just have to wait for the subbers :D


  1. NEED…
    ahahha *coughcoughimafreak*
    i just need subs :( GINAYA WORK YR THING xD
    i’ll just wait here like a lil kid (:

  2. That is hilarious!
    I’m glad to know that they KNOW that some of their fans are crazy. –;; If I were them, I would be kind of scared. haha. Esp. with that girl walking around their house.
    My friend has one of those light detectors outside her house and I was sleeping over and it kept going off and we were freaked out that some person kept on coming in front of her house and her parents weren’t home. But they were like um.. I think it’s a wolf? Ok. Yeah. That makes it so much better –;; A wolf lurking outside her house…
    haha. That was a pointless story.

  3. Koreanchocolate:
    It’s SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where do you LIVE?!?!?! lol. I don’t have any wolves near my house….or anywhere in my whole suburb lol XDD
    I really can’t stand those light detectors sometimes, we used to have one, and it would always be triggered by stupid MOTHS =.=

  4. haha I live in Atlanta, Georgia. :]
    I don’t think I have any wolves near my house either… Hopefully. There used to be several deer in my neighborhood though.

  5. Nathica:
    Sorry, no idea where that is, don’t know my US states XD
    But omg, you have DEER in your neighbourhood?? Do you live on a farm…? I’m pretty sure that any deer would get run over by traffic if they lived in my neighbourhood lol XD

  6. HAHAHA I definitely don’t live in a farm. Far from it.
    Do you follow US hiphop then? Well a lot of hiphop artists are from Atlanta;ATL;Hotlanta;etc. haha. like Usher, Ludicrus, Li’l Jon, and so on.

  7. Nathica:
    Lol, it’s really funny, see, after I read your comment this morning, I went and read the newspaper (i have to, for school) and I read about how that wanted criminal had finally been caught in Atlanta, and I was just like omg, i totally know where that is! XDDDD

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