Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 23, 2008

Super Show Part 2.

Part 1 

Still no fan cams ;____________________;

Image Hosted by

Yes, that is a picture of Hangeng, wearing the “Princess Hours” costume *——-* 

There are NEW pictures here (some repeats, but many new ones) And there’s a really lovely one of Heechul with BRIGHT orange hair EEEEEEEEEEE ^—-^

Orange hair Heechul = happy me :D


  1. hankyung looks a little funny yet so handsome in this pic XD hahah

    btw.. ive found a yesung fancam ->

  2. Youjuchan:
    Thanks for the link!!!!!!
    I got your comment just as I was writing “Part 3”, so that was perfect timing :DDD
    Lol I really want to know what the other boys dressed up as….(I know kyuhyun dressed up as a cowboy)

  3. hahah!! yeeaah!! kyuhyun as the cowboy <33 so cute *lol*
    i was going to cry when i watched yesungies cam T_T

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