Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 24, 2008

“I will” 2nd version.

Credit: Potensvita for giving me the link! and symbelmyn @ Youtube for uploading


Why does someone always have to get shot??

I can’t WAAAAIIIIT to see the full version, because right now I really don’t understand the story. Like, I thought Siwon was stabbed?? So why is Hangeng protecting the person that he stabbed? And, aren’t you meant to be INJURED after you’ve been stabbed?? o.O

Everyone looks terrific though :D

I’ve uploaded the mp3 of the song here


Ok, the song in the background isn’t actually “I will” XDDD (Thanks, Potensvita, for letting me know :D) It’s called “Lover” from the Lover drama OST.

x3jae has a really good theory of what the MV is really about, you can read that in the comments. (It’s also got MY theory, and personally, I think my theory is pretty accurate xP)



  1. hiii ! i’ve been reading yur blog for a while
    i dunthink this song, is the same as I WILL
    i think the story is like;
    hangeng accidentally stabs siwon
    and then, siwon doesnt die but is treated quickly
    and yeon hee and hangeng are like; omg omg omg
    and then siwon comes out and hes like; why’d yu stabbed me
    and then hangengs like; it wasnt me, iswear i didnt
    and then he gets shot
    perhaps the person who shot hangeng , who was supposed to shoot siwon, planted the sharp blade in the play, but unfortunately for him, siwon survived so he tried shooting him instead…
    my theory

  2. my dear….. actually the song that was used in this second part MV is Lover (an OST for the drama Lover)
    haha. hides.

    but you know, i dont know why han gend had to die too. oh well. sad mv needs someone to die. haha.

  3. okay im gonna be as creative as i possibly can…
    since this is set in somewat “ancient china” XD siwon was actually engaged to LYH but LYH’s true love was Hankyung and so one day wen they were performing on stage Hankyung thought “here’s my only chance” *STAB* and siwon is like “:O why???” a few days/wks later LYH and Hankyung r sitting there thinking ‘oh crap crap crap’ then bumbumbum siwon strolls in ‘YOU!!!’ and LYH and Hankyung are like ‘noo we love each other…please…im sorry i didnt mean to stab u’ then evil man who wanted to kill siwon bcoz hes too good looking comes in and hankyung is like ‘nooo siwon cant die…must save him’ (coz i am true hero) *blocks bullet from siwon* siwon then thinks ‘darnit…im pretty sure that guy has more than one bullet in his gun…thanks hankyung =.=”‘ and LYH is like ‘nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo’
    and i think i said like too many times i sound like a bimbo O_O

  4. x3jae:
    Thanks for commenting :D
    lol, no, it’s not “I will” ^^; haha, i was watching tv as I watched this (i can multi task so well) so yea, sorry bout that ^—^
    OO you’re theory makes so much SENSE, I think that’s what the plot line is, you’re so smart *–*

    LOL sorry, blonde moment xP
    I always get called “crunchie”(bar) by my friends – dark on the outside, blonde on the inside XDDD
    I don’t see why the girl couldn’t have died, they should think about that for their next mv xP

    Ok, here comes my version.
    Hangeng and Siwon are both performers (duh) but on that particular day, they decided to skip rehearsal. So the director hired these two robots to act as them in the rehearsal. So the robots get there, and because robot technology isn’t very advanced right now, they malfunction. And the Hangeng robot ends up thrusting the spear a little too far, so it accidentally breaks the Siwon robot.
    Seeing this, the director gets very angry, and wants to destroy the Hangeng robot for damaging his Siwon robot. But the girl robot remembers that it needs the Hangeng robot, so the two of them can take over the human race. So it rushes over and runs off with the Hangeng robot. They fly away.
    Once the director realises the robots’ plans of world domination, he gets very stressed out, and decides to be a hero and kill the robots before they become a threat. So he marches off to go find the girl robot, who is the mastermind behind the plan (because girls are evil.)
    He finds the girl robot at Hangeng’s house, trying to seduce Hangeng so that he will help her with her plans of world domination, because he has the control of a large organisation known as “Elves”, who the Robot needs to have on her side, because in order to rule the world, you need to be able to control the more “radical” humans.
    But just as she was trying to seduce Hangeng, Siwon comes running in, and tries to tell Hangeng that the pretty girl next to him is actually a robot (he does this with his expressive eyebrows). Hangeng gets the message, because he can secretly read minds.
    However, just as Hangeng got the message, the director comes bursting in. He recognises the girl robot, and fires at her. However, she uses her secret robot powers, and makes the bullet change it’s course. Hangeng, seeing the bullet coming towards Siwon, decides to sacrifice himself, so that Siwon can live on to battle against the robots, with his chocolate abs.
    The end. This is the real plot line to the MV, I just know it.

  5. did u just say u think LYH should’ve died? *evil glare*…jks :P
    so does this mean hankyung + siwon are in TWO MV’s ? or its just two songs with a linking MV plot?
    these MVs had better come with her album…they do, right?

  6. omg LMAO !!!! U are a special girl I tell you :P
    my fav bit…. ‘it needs the Hangeng robot, so the two of them can take over the human race’
    …oh wait i just re-read that. i think my first intepretation was wrong haha i thought u meant she needed the two of them to make more robot babies…but thats not wat u meant ws it O_O

  7. Candychu:
    Maybe SM has some extra money lying around, so they’re going to make a BIG mv of all the songs on her album? lol who knows. I hope the MVs come with her album!! I wonder how much her album is going to cost though, because normally, Chinese CDs cost around $6 AUD (coz it’s $30Yuan), but I think SM will make it really pricey…
    LOL, you read my mind, i was going to write that she needed him to reproduce robot babies with her, but then i was like…hmm i should keep my posts G-rated XDDDDD

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