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“Line Up” Subbed.

Credit: Thank you, Nathica, for letting me know :DD And Ginaya @ Youtube for subbing, YOU ARE SO FAST :O:O:O

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

*runs off to watch it again, with english subs ^—–^*

[will be back to edit this, when I finish watching it XD]

Ok, I’m back :D

I’ll try do a short summary, just in case you’re not able to access youtube.

Ginaya uploaded the bits with DBSK, so I’ll just do a quick explanation of the start bit that she didn’t upload. As you can probably tell from the outfits, the MCs are all pretending to be DBSK, one group is dressed up as DBSK during the “O” phase, and the other one is dressed up in the “Balloons” smurf outfits. The MCs also have these little badges on them, each saying someone with four characters, because all the DBSK boys have stage names consisting of 4 characters. Some of the names are really funny though, from memory, one of the MCs badge said “the elderly_ _(his name)” another said “the audience_ _” (implying that he never gets to do anything on the show.

Ok, none of that is in the video, but, just thought that I should explain, in case you’re confused :D. The video starts with DBSK making their entrance. When they come in, all these fireworks and special effects stuff goes off, and the MCs are all like “AAAHHHHH HIIIIIDE”, while the boys just stand there, completely calm. They then do a bit of talking, and one of the MCs challenges Yunho to a dance battle. The MC used to be in a boyband back in the day, so he goes up and does some moves to DBSK’s “O” (tweaked version) [I really want to know how he made his top do that thing] but then Yunho goes up and totally pwns, because Yunho is awesome like that xP (his hair looks so cute in this!!)

So after the dance battle, the MCs reveal that they did a hidden camera to the boys, while they were backstage getting ready. Can I just interrupt and say that I ADORE hidden cameras :DDD THEY ARE ALWAYS SO FUNNY XDD. Ok, back to the topic. During the hidden camera, the boys are “fake interviewed” and asked stuff about the MCs, the show, etc. Let’s just say that Jae said some “not-so-flattering” stuff about the MCs lol XD. The next part is really funny.

The producers suddenly mention to the boys, that if this episode does well, then they want one of the DBSK boys to be a permanent addition to the show. Of course they were all like “:O:O:O:O”, but then all turned to Junsu, and nominated him XDD POOR JUNSU!!! Yunho was like “yep, the four of us will do the other work”. Micky then suggested Changmin, who looked really shocked, and was all “what???why?? o.O”, so the honour went back to Junsu. The producers then leave, and the DBSK boys are left with their managers, to “discuss” this new plan. So Junsu has a serious conversation with their manager, while Jae stares at his reflection in the mirror, and Changmin stands there…tap dancing?? LOL. [Btw, I LOVE YUNHO’S JEANS!]

After that bit, the hidden camera ended, and we see them back at the studio again. The next thing that they do is the “counselling session”. Basically, each member takes turns to sit on a stool in the middle, and talk about what’s making him stressed. The two groups of MCs sit on either side of him, and give him “helpful” bits of advice. The MCs are all wearing these oversize clothes pegs on their faces, and the pegs are attached to string, the DBSK boy in the middle holds all the strings, and pulls the strings of the group which gave least helpful advice, thus pulling the clothes pegs off their faces. Does that make sense?

Yunho goes first, and he wanted advice on how to have long lasting popularity. (He shouldn’t worry about that, they’re so young!). Anyway, the “smurf” team basically told him to be rude to the new groups that have come out, and the “O” team gave more helpful advice, like blackmail XDDD Anyway, Yunho chose to pull the strings of the “smurf” team. Micky went next, and talked about one of their stalker fans. Watch Changmin’s expression at 2:24, it’s freaking GOLD, someone, please make a gif of it!!! The poor boy looked so scared ^—^ *pinches his cheeks*. Micky then said that they used to live with their manager, and he would often come home late, so they’d always leave the door unlocked. So one day, they were in the living room watching a movie, and their sensor light went off. They thought that it was their manager, but when they looked outside, they realised that it was actually a fan, who was walking back and forth. She, apparently, had something to say to Jae. Micky told her to go home, and after an hour, they all figured that she’d left. But (the subs don’t say this) Micky said that he looked outside from the peep hole on their door, and saw that she was still walking back and forth ^^;;;;

On to the advice session. One of the MCs on the “smurf” team, mentions that celebrities often change their phone numbers, because fans find out their numbers. (I read somewhere that DBSK changes their numbers once every 2 weeks). So the MC’s advice, is for them to move out, and just live in motels, switching from time to time. The MC’s second solution, was that Jae should sleep outside, because the stalker girl was obviously a Jae-fan. So if Jae sleeps outside, then the rest of the members can sleep comfortably inside. [YOU CAN COME STAY WITH ME, JAE!!!]

Jae goes next, and talked about how he wants to get rid of his “country” accent, so that he can speak more on shows. [I totally understand where he’s coming from, I get paid out SO much for having a NZ accent ;___;]. The “smurf” team basically tells him that it doesn’t matter, because when you have a face like that, no one cares what your accent is like *agrees*.

And that was the end of part 3. I’ll edit this with the part 4-7 recap later, because I just realised that I haven’t done my homework ^^;;;, and unfortunately, those music pieces aren’t going to transpose on it’s own *darn it.* So I’ll be back later :D


  1. OMG You cannot believe how long I was waiting to watch this on the weekend, made me smile like ^_______________________________________________^. The opening was so funny and I loved Boom’s dance. What was that thing that he used to like..inflate his stomach? lol. I especially loved the part where Yunho was demonstrating his skills flipping over those girls and the caption being “Turns into a fan meeting” hahahahaha. But seriously, I would’ve been like @_@ + faint if Yunho said, “Come to oppa to me” xD. Can’t wait till next week’s episode!

  2. Cassiopeianinja:
    I loved Boom’s dance too! I thought at first, that he had a balloon under his jacket, but then how would he have made it go up and down?
    Haha, those girls were funny. Especially the one who was all flustered after Yunho said “come to oppa” XDDDD
    Next week’s episode looks FUUUUUUUUUUUUN, I really want to see Jae and Changmin run down the giant slide together XDDD

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