Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 25, 2008

Super Show Press Conference

Credit: Symbelmyn @ Youtube 

YAY!! Some “crystal krear” footage of the concert!!!

I have NO idea what the reporters are asking them, but they showed some footage from “Super Show”, and YAYYYY SO MUCH BETTER THAN FANCAMS!!!! (no offence to people who uploaded them)

I now know how Sungmin got on his little platform. The platform can MOOOOOOOOOOVE :DDDDDDDD (it looked really fast too, I would’ve been so scared if I had to stand on it)

When Kangin was talking, at about 0:40, you can hear this REALLY high pitched “HEEEHEEEHEEE” in the background, and I was like OMG THAT’S TEUKIEEEEEEE (his laugh is my ringtone for messages – I get many weird looks when my phone rings XDDDD )

Everyone looked GREAT, my favourites would be Leeteuk (I LOVE his ribbon), Heechul (the HAIR omg. loves it.) and Kibum (WHEN DID YOU GET FACIAL HAIR?!?!?!)

There are some photos from the press conference here (they’re not screen caps, they’re actual PHOTOS taken by reporters who were there)

[Muishie has subbed the latest “Change” episode :D Go to her channel here to watch. (thanks for the heads up Candychu <3333)]



  1. iyeeeah ^_^ though i dont have an idea what they’re talking about XD just looking at their faces *faints* hahah~
    Eeteuks high pitch laugh is sooooo hilarious XD i would identify it whenever i hear it *lol* it’s sooo <33
    and kibum oppa? forgot to shave xD~ but still looks handsome (though little bit older xP)
    can’t wait for the subs <3

  2. […] also showed some bits from the press conference, but it does have some new concert […]

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