Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 26, 2008

DBSK “8 vs.1” translated.

Yoochunsa64b has translated it!!

I’ll just embed the first part, with the translations. I’ll include the links to the other ones at the bottom, so you can go watch it there and thank her :D

a short summary:
MC Shin: challenge 8 vs. 1! Asia’s #1 pretty boy, HJJ! Asia’s #1 flower-like smile, MYC!

mc shim: JJ was chosen as asia’s #1 pretty boy. Congratulations!
mc jung: until now, you were the pretty boy. Aren’t you a bit nervous today?
HC: no, it’s ok, since we’re all at different levels. I have my own world. And JJ has his own world, and YC has his own world.
MC Shin: as the older guy (hyung), you always treat them well, right?
HC: um, I’m a bit sensitive about age. Since I can’t change it…
JJ: with HC, before we debuted…
mc shim: I heard that you guys could have debuted in the same group.
MC Shin: HC & JJ could have been in the same group?
mc shim: that could have been a disaster!
JJ: at 1st, with YH and kangin, too.
HC: the 4 of us. And the group name was “four seasons”. [lol!]
JJ: I was autumn.
HC: I think YH was spring. I was whatever that they didn’t pick. Lol.

MC Shin: we have real congratulations in order. A bit ago, dbsk reached oricon chart #1.
ALL: congratulations!
MC Shin: as a foreign group, wasn’t it the 1st?
JJ: and this time, it was a song composed by Yoo Young Jin. the MV was shot in korea, too. And produced in korea.
KJH: I went Tokyo recently, and when I went to a music shop, there was a big photo of dbsk up. I was so proud that I bought a cd, too. But there were so many! And a bit expensive…^^ so I only bought one.

Boom: I was in a band during high school, too.
JJ: weren’t you in a dance group, too?
Boom: the name was “dutch pay with dad”. [lol!] We chose that name, with the mindset that we should try to break some preconceptions in the world.

KJH: [talking about one of her songs] it’s called “big-eyed frog”. It’s a sad song, right?
mc jung: not really…
MC Shin: if you sing the melody in a certain way, it could be sad [if you listen carefully, yoochun’s singing it.^^]
KJH: when the members are with me, they’d do the harmony, and sing the “bbam bba bam” parts…
mc jung: oh, then we’ll do that for you.
KJH: oh, thanks! But do it quieter than my voice. [lol!]
[aw, yoochun & jj are so cute doing “bbam bba bam”!]
HC: aw, there’re too many smiles blooming in the studio now.

Haha, when DBSK appeared on the OBS interview, the host also talked about Jae being voted no.1, he must feel so loved XD.

Can you see Jae,Yunho,Heechul and Kangin in one group now? I can’t.

Watch Part 2. here, click “more” under “about this section” (next to the video) to read Yoochusa64b’s translation. And there should be a link at the bottom of the translation for part 3. Remember to leave her a comment, it’s really tedious to translate every line bit by bit, so be sure to thank her!

During the show, they brought up the “hamburger incident” again. I’ve heard SO many versions of this story, it seems like everytime they tell it, it’s different XDD.

The topic of the show was something like “what do parents say to you/what do they ask for” and they had to try guess the answers of 50 comedians, (Kinda like YSMM). Jae told a story about his mum and their tv (his mum is so cute!) and Heechul mentioned that he bought his parents a car (such a good son *—*). Micky mentioned that he sends his parents money on a regular basis, helped his mum open an ice-cream shop (OMG ADDRESS PLEASE!!!) and has mutual fund investments – that is so SMART, I invest too… clothes XDDDD

Jae also mentioned that his mum told him that he doesn’t have to bring her a daughter-in-law, but should “make children secretly” XDD HIS MUM IS SO CUUUUUTE

The boys didn’t get much screen time (especially in Part 6) but I think they’ll be on again next week :D (that’s what I read anyway.)

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