Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 26, 2008

DBSK “Pinky” scans

Credit: jaejoongの魚_ @ Baidu DBSK Bar

Image Hosted by

A fan took some pictures of these pictures a couple of days ago, but I didn’t post them, because I wanted to wait for some proper scans (yes, i’madork) But hay, being patient pays off, ’cause these scans look GOOD.

I think this photoshoot may be my favourite DBSK Japanese photoshoot EVER. Everyone looks really good in this one. My favouritefavouritefavourite shot, would be the one of Micky where his head is turned slightly, and he’s smiling; that picture is BEAUTIFUL.

Junsu looks adorable, such a happy little boy XD. Jae…I really love the flannel shirt on him, he looks good. Yunho looks a little bit tired :( But Changmin, omg, he has suddenly turned so HOOOOT. I can’t believe I’ve only just noticed how attractive he is – I blame it on the ponytai, hmph. He looks so good in these pictures though, I really like his hair in this photoshoot <33333


  1. Changmin <3 x infinity ^^
    but omg his and yoochun’s pics arent showing up O_O itsjust got a massive cross on it :(
    but awww junsu i wanna tke him home and eat him
    yunho is pretty as usual *shakes fists* and jae looks so good in that flannel shirt :P

  2. So, my fast from DBSK isn’t … quite working. Gosh darnit.

    The boys loook REALLY good. Jae’s pretty as always. Yunho looks … delicate?! I have no other word to describe him, but I think it’s the nicely defined jawline that gives him that look. I can only LOL when I see Junsu switch from his “OOOHHH … LOOOK WHAT I’VE DONE, MA!” look to his charasmatic look. xD

    Micky looks adorable. He really does. I want to bring him home in a box and put him on my shelf for all to see. Hehe.

    And Changmin DEFINITELY looks better sans ponytail. His having long hair freaked me out AND turned me off for the longest time. Thank GAWD he’s seen the light. :)

  3. Candychu:
    It’s not working??
    Haha, it’s a sign telling you that Changmin’s MIIIIINE XDDDDDD (wow, I really don’t talk like i’m eighteen do i ^^;;;)
    Jae does look good in flannel <33333
    Btw, I watched the Lovin’ You MV, and HA, didn’t get it O.O

    Lol~ Fast from DBSK? Good luck with that.
    I should probably try that, seeing as how I start uni on monday, and i’m going to be super busy with my assignments ;_____;. I really really need someone to help me with this
    Micky looks great in these pictures. I want to wrap him up and give him away as a present, to myself of course.
    Yea, hated Changmin’s long hair. SOOO glad that his stylist has come off whatever it was that he/she was on, because this boy looks SO much better with short hair. I remember watching the Purple Line mv, and going WOAH, when did Changmin turn hot XDDD

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