Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 26, 2008

“I will” preview no.3

Credit: haewonnie @ Youtube

It’s definitely “I will” playing in the background at the start. Don’t know what the second song is though.

Does anyone know who the actress is? The bit with Hangeng watching her is so adorable, Hangeng looked like a shy little boy ^——^

My favourite part in this one is when they’re buying those little key ring things, and Siwon was all “HeeeHEEEE” about it XDDDD

Still don’t understand what this MV is about though. But I’m sticking to my robot theory (I wrote this in a comment reply to Candychu, but I’ll paste it here, simply because it’s such a good prediction, and it’s definitely the real plot line, for sure.xP)

Hangeng and Siwon were both performers at the theatre place, but on that particular day, they decided to skip rehearsal. So the director hired these two robots to act as them in the rehearsal. So the robots went there, and because robot technology isn’t very advanced right now, they malfunction. And the Hangeng robot ends up thrusting the spear a little too far, so it accidentally breaks the Siwon robot.
Seeing this, the director gets very angry, and wants to destroy the Hangeng robot for damaging his Siwon robot. But the girl robot remembers that it needs the Hangeng robot, so the two of them can take over the human race. So it rushes over and runs off with the Hangeng robot. They fly away.
Once the director realises the robots’ plans of world domination, he gets very stressed out, and decides to be a hero and kill the robots before they become a threat. So he marches off to go find the girl robot, who is the mastermind behind the plan (because girls are evil.)
He finds the girl robot at Hangeng’s house, trying to seduce Hangeng so that he will help her with her plans of world domination, because he has the control of a large organisation known as “Elves”, who the Robot needs to have on her side, because in order to rule the world, you need to be able to control the more “radical” humans.
But just as she was trying to seduce Hangeng, Siwon comes running in, and tries to tell Hangeng that the pretty girl next to him is actually a robot (he does this with his expressive eyebrows). Hangeng gets the message, because he can secretly read minds.
However, just as Hangeng got the message, the director comes bursting in. He recognises the girl robot, and fires at her. However, she uses her secret robot powers, and makes the bullet change it’s course. Hangeng, seeing the bullet coming towards Siwon, decides to sacrifice himself, so that Siwon can live on to battle against the robots, with his chocolate abs.
The end. This is the real plot line to the MV, I just know it.

See? best prediction ever. XDDD


  1. The actress is Lee Yeon Hee from Timeless ^^

  2. i thought i told u it was lee yeon hee !?!?!? but then again u thought LYH = ZLY XDDD
    special girl *pats head*
    hmm i actually think my theory was quite accurate :P
    i mean its obvious here that siwon is in love with LYH but LYH and hankyung have a lil something something goin on… the way he watched her dance *heart skips beat* IF ONLY HE D LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!!!
    so yes :D if my theory is right…u owe me a box of chocolates :D
    oh and yay!!! u finally got ur T CD!!! *jumps up and down excitedly with you*
    but damn…u got changmin’s card *CRIES*…yes tis a sign for sure…a sign that u shud give it to me :P

  3. x3jae:
    Thanks ;)

    No way, my theory is WAYYYY more accurate-er, coz c’mon, EVERYTHING involves robots. THEY’RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD xPPPP
    Hangeng looked so sweet staring at that girl except the way he did it reminded me of stalkers XDD
    Yep, I got Changmin’s card :PPPPPPPPP I am going to blow it up 20x it’s size, laminate it, hang it up on my wall, and kiss it every single day. I will also dance around it singing “Candice didn’t get this la la la la~~~~~” XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. I love your prediction. Here’s MINE!!!
    Hangeng and Shiwon are both best friends (as always) and they have known this girl Lee Yeon Hee from when they were little. Hangeng is the nice quiet guy (who always finishes last) and Shiwon is the cool suave mischievous guy who’s always playing around. Anyways, Hannie and Wonnie both fall in love with Lee Yeon Hee, but Shiwon goes about it all rambunctiously and Hangeng is the ever-courteous gentleman. Anyways, you can tell that Lee Yeon Hee is really in love with Hangeng, but she kinda likes Shiwon too, and since this is Shiwon, he asked her out first cause Hangeng was too afraid to so they’re dating. Hence the longing expression and the vengeful expressions during the performance on stage (oh, they’re all part of the same acting troupe which travels around China performing these ancient opera plays). Anyways, since Shiwon is this cocky kid, he gets drunk one night and goes storming out and really really irks this person (who happens to also own a gun). That same night, Hangeng and Lee Yeon Hee were hanging out and he confesses to her. Shiwon finds out the next morning and he’s all pissed and confronts Hangeng. But the same guy who he pissed off comes to find him to “teach him a lesson.” Hangeng saves Shiwon’s life, they find out that they can’t live without one another… blah blah blah. The end. I’ll kind of be disappointed if I’m wrong, to be hoenst.

  5. i usually don’t comment on guys because I am practically a lesbo. Laughs. but Han Geng looked so adorable in here.

  6. i forgotten to say my thanks. ^^ thank you. <3

  7. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. I like what you write. :)

    Awesome robot theory btw. xD

  8. Nanshi:
    Hmm, interesting prediction.
    Not sure why, but when I read your prediction, I pictured them as highschool students, Siwon is the jock, the girl is a cheerleader, and Hangeng is the quiet nice guy who likes to read. lol, i’ve been watching too many American chick flicks.ha.
    Your prediction still doesn’t explain why Hangeng stabbed Siwon…one of the other girls said that the gun-guy modified the prop, but then Siwon didn’t die, so he went to shoot him instead.
    I guess we’ll all find out the real plot line today? Meanwhile, I’m sticking to my robot theory, it’s so accurate, lol.

    You’re welcome <333
    Haha, I’m the exact opposite, I can rarely find a girl artist to fangirl over ^^;;;
    Hangeng does look adorable here doesn’t he *—*, he looks like a little doll~~

    Thanks for commenting ^———^
    Yes, my robot theory is SO accurate, even if the real plot line doesn’t turn out to be that, you just know that it’s the “hidden message” XDDD

  9. True true. Well, didn’t Hangeng stab Shiwon in a play? Maybe someone was out to harm Shiwon and replaced the prop(s). But Shiwon thoght it was about the girl, and that’s why there was that uber confrontation at the end… WHY ARE THEY SUCH GOOD ACTORS?! So confuzzling.

  10. Nanshi:
    *nods in agreement*
    They should get OSCARS, or at least some sort of oscar equivalent Korean award.

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