Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 26, 2008

“Super Show” Mnet Wide News Report

Credit: Symbelmyn @ Youtube

Some MORE clear-ish footage from the concert.

This also showed some bits from the press conference, but it does have some new concert footage.

I found it really funny how at 6:00, you see Kangin rip open his shirt, and then immediately after that, it skips to Yesung, who just half took off his jacket XDD.

And Teukie’s little introduction was so CUUUUTE (he even spun around lol, how adorkable XDDD)

Is the person at 6:15 Kangin? It looks like Kangin in the bath, but then when his head surfaces, it looks like Siwon, and it DEFINITELY looks like Siwon, in the shower scene (Helloooooo Biceps *–*). I’m confused, I’ve already watched this bit 5 times, and it still looks like Kangin filmed the first half, and Siwon filmed the second half. O.O


  1. Lol. Well they did that on a lot of videos where they had like this transfusion moment and it changes to another SuJu member.

  2. Blackangel13:
    Haha, so I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw Siwon in the shower? lol :P

  3. kyuhyun…omg let me take u home XD he is sooo sexy hahah
    wow…was kangin’s shirt supposed to rip open like that? O_O
    i dont want them all stripping coz it wont all be on the DVD concert if it ever comes out…especially coz donghae did it on a different night…right? damn…they shud stop being so spontaneous XDD
    ^ yeh lol didn u see how the vid kinda cut from b/t kangin to siwon? lol *pats ur head*
    awww i love mirror <333
    and yess teukie’s intro was SO CUTE *dies*

  4. Candychu:
    Haahaaaa, did the video really cut between them?? XDDD i’m so special :D
    And omg, you just know that LSM will release more than one edition of the DVD, it’ll probably end up being the “donghae stripping” edition, and the “Kangin stripping” edition XDDDD

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