Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 27, 2008

“If…/Rainy Night” No.5 on Oricon

Picture Credit: snowinnight @ Baidu DBSK Bar



No.5 is actually a really good result, I’m so proud *—-*

The competition this time was pretty tough (“NEWS”!! – as in the boyband – and “c-ute”, who I had never heard of till today, but apparently they’re really popular in Japan at the moment too.) so I’m very very happy that Junsu got no.5 :DDD

Let’s hope that “If…/Rainy Night” will make the weekly top ten!



  1. waaah!! Junsu Oppa must be really happy now <33
    I’m soo proud! ^_^
    I love Rainy Night so much.. when he sang it live.. i was just like O____O Oppa!! SARANGHAEEE~ <333

  2. WOOOOTT!!!
    Rainy Night was my fav premium live song ^^
    keke go Junsu ~~~
    Im so buying this single :P

  3. WAHH!!!! >_< yayy, so proud of him! :) Rainy Night has got to be my favorite song and even better is that he wrote the lyrics! awww, junsu! <3

  4. Youjuchan:
    I’m very very very proud of our little dolphin too :D
    I loved his performance of “Rainy Night” on premium live, probably my favourite performance from that :D

    It’s MY favourite Premium live song too!!
    I bet you 20 bucks that AVEX will release a big pretty box of all the TRICK singles combined, and charge like $60 for it :(

    Ooo he wrote the lyrics too??
    I thought he only composed the music. Junsu is so smart :D

  5. ^nah junsu didn write the lyrics…he just composed the music and yoochun wrote his own song…im pretty sure thas how it goes

    yeah see thats why im actually putting off ordering the singles…but i still havnt dled any of them O_O not even changmin’s…coz thast just how I am *weeps*
    but if they do release it all in one then ill buy that XDDD im kinda hoping they do coz that wud solve my problems LOL :P

  6. Huh? i thought Junsu wrote the lyrics and Micky composed it cuz in the FITB bonus vid he mentions it and he he also mentions it…in the other interview for this solo cd/single. aww, if i’m still wrong. I’m sorry. >_< But…….I STILL LOVE HIM! :) Lol.

  7. ^ dont apologise to me !!! im not 100% sure either but in the premium live intro junsu only said that he composed the music while yoochun arranged it. and yoochun wrote lyrics for my girlfriend but they didn mention junsu writing lyrics for rainy night … so thats just wat ive assumed xP

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