Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 27, 2008

ZLY’s full MV [EDITED]

Edit: Official videos released :D

Part 1 – I will: [Credit: aquamarine88 @ Youtube]

Part 2 – Lovers: [Credit: Haewonnie @ Youtube]

[My interpretation’s at the bottom, but I’m just a bit confused with the children bit. So the little Hangeng took the blame for knocking over the vase?? And little Siwon is the real culprit?? Yea, I’m not very good at recognising small children, they all look the same =.=;;;;;]

The sohu site hasn’t released the official version yet. This is a FANCAM taken by a fan at the sohu press conference today. It’s a little dark, and you can hear the fans scream at the good bits, but hay, it’s the FULL mv (I think, it’s like, 7 minutes long), so I’m not complaining :D
Hangeng mentioned that this MV is related to the Timeless one, I think he said that the Timeless one is what happened to the three characters in a different lifetime? (this MV being their previous life?) Yea, don’t really get it.

My interpretation of the MV is:

Siwon, Hangeng, and the actress grew up together. Hangeng really likes the girl, but Siwon also likes her. One day they were rehearsing, and the weird gun guy shoved Siwon over (probably because Siwon took his part;they were wearing the same costume) so the gun guy got slapped by the director. But of course that made the gun guy hate Siwon more, so he went to the props room and modified the prop that Hangeng would use to stab Siwon with. The girl just happened to walk by the props room, and saw him sneak in there. (Thus why she was the one to drag Hangeng away immediately after he stabbed Siwon)

So in the next part, Hangeng and the girl are at…somewhere, and they’re having dinner. Siwon wakes up, (he’s bandaged the same way as he was in the Timeless MV) and goes to find Hangeng, because he thinks that Hangeng stabbed him because of the girl. So he gets there, and they have a fight, and the Gun guy comes in and aims for Siwon, Hangeng protects Siwon, and dies heroically. Siwon then tried to kill the Gun guy, but I *think* that the person who ended up killing the gun guy was the girl? And then Siwon and the girl both kneel next to the dying Hangeng, and the MV finishes. Does Hangeng die at the end? Or is he just injured really badly?

Ok, my highlights from the MV:

♥ When Siwon was buying those little trinkets, and he’s all smiley, and you could see his dimples *dies 50 times, then melts into a puddle of mush* ILU FUTURE HUSBAND

♥ When Hangeng made tea, idk, I think I like it because he just looked so CUTE

♥ When Hangeng fed the girl food, OMG *JEALOUS*

♥ When Siwon woke up. Um, shirtless Siwon, do I really need to explain myself?

But yea, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole MV. The boys deserve Oscar nominations, THEIR ACTING WAS SO GOOOOOOD ♥_____♥


  1. can i please eat up siwon’s dimples??? … no wait thats not possible XD
    omg Lee yeon hee in a qipao is SUCH A PRETTY SIGHT! tho im sure shed look pretty even in some daggy tracksuit O_O
    ooooooh Siwon strolling around topless and bandaged eh :P so sexy kekeke
    awwwwwwwwwwwwww when Hankyung was eating to make LYH happy!! omg Hankyung !!!!!!!!!!!! HES FEEDING HER!!!!
    *goosebumps goosebumps … more goosebumps*
    omg noooo im crying now!!! this is soooo sad….hankyung!!! :(
    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IT WAS HANKYUNG!!!! Hankyung was the one that grabbed the gun and saved siwon for the second time…OMG OMG OMG *cries like a baby*
    omg can some hollywood director please watch this MV and hire the three of them and make a multi million dollar movie for them? PLEASE?

    Lol i feel sorry for u…u always have to read my retarded comments XDD

  2. Candychu:
    It was hangeng who saved Siwon?? Isn’t he sposed to be dead though =.=
    I’m confused (as usual XDDD)
    Such a good MV though, I thoroughly enjoyed it :D Did you know that LSM directed it??

    Haha, dw, I enjoy reading your comments, it’s you (and all the other readers) who i feel sorry for, coz you guys are the ones who put up with my not-so-intelligent posts XDDDD

  3. hmmh.. the 2nd link doesnt work T_T or is it just me? O.o

  4. Youjuchan:
    AAAHHH, sorry!!!! It’s not just you, it’s because the uploader took the video down :(. But i’ve just posted the official “Part 2”, and that should be watch-able :D

  5. ah okey ^_^ thank youu!! :D
    i’ve just watched the 2nd part and wow! T_T i was on the verge of crying! so sad :(
    everytime i see siwons expression i had to laugh xD~ i looveee it *lol*
    poor hankyung T_T always have to die~ *drop*

  6. omg im capped :O:O:O but im still trying to dl this…taking forever XD
    and yes im sure it was hankyung coz the hand holding the gun was kinda unsteady then u see siwon then camera cuts back to hankyung and then with his last bit of strength he shoots *bang* *evil man drops dead*
    i really really really love this MV
    and LSM directed it? Well thats interesting…what doesnt he do? xD lol

  7. Youjuchan:
    I love Siwon’s expression tooooooooo, he’s so hot :D
    The MV is sooooooooo sad, I’m dead inside, and I still found it really sad :P
    Lol, I love how Hangeng said that he always plays the character that dies because he “has a kind face” XD

    I wonder if this MV will be available with the album?
    Yea i just watched it again, it’s definitely hangeng who shot the weird guy lol.
    What doesn’t LSM do? Well, he doesn’t help me save my money, that’s for sure =.=

  8. I don’t think it’s cause Shiwon took the gun guy’s part, I think it was because Shiwon was fooling around (and his image in the MV led me to believe that this definitely wasn’t the *first* time he had been fooling around) and it go the gun guy really pissed. It’s not that big of a deal, if you think about it, but I think that the gun guy was probably an understudy to Shiwon’s character so if Shiwon was somehow incapacitated, obviously he would get the role. He was probably pissed cause he thought he was more talented than Shiwon and how come HE wasn’t the main star?!?!?! And then for the second MV, he sees Shiwon walking about and he goes to finish the job… and well.

    Oh, and y’know what ELSE LSM doesn’t do? He doesn’t give the boys (DBSJ) ANY REST AT ALL.

  9. Nanshi:
    The gun guy was freaky, good actor, but freaky.
    It would explain a lot if he was Siwon’s understudy though, because I noticed that they had the same costume on, and he ended up sitting in the audience when they performed.
    I can think of MANY things that LSM doesn’t do, but, as much as I don’t agree with most some of his ways, I have to give him credit, this MV (and the fact that he used Siwon and Hangeng) is a TERRIFIC way to market ZLY. Let’s hope that the album sales will live up to all this effort.

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