Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 28, 2008

DBSK & SuJu Commenting on ZLY’s 1st Album

Credit: dennygirl87 @ Youtube

It’s got English subs!

The video skips a bit at the start (it’s a fancam), but keep watching and it should be fine.

DBSK mentioned how Junsu is featured in “Timeless”, and Junsu was all shy about it (note Micky’s hands XDDD), and then Junsu told everyone that they even did a Chinese version together, and he’s all smiley ^—-^ and proud of himself XDD

Suju’s comments aren’t subbed, but they just gave the usual “kind-people” comment, like, “we hope your album will go well” etc.

So nice of them to film this for ZLY. She’s such a lucky girl :D


  1. seee…. i’m so jealous
    haha. i mean seriously, they really support ZLY. i dun remember Girls Generation or was it Wonder girls were commented and supported by them.

    owh.. xiah was so shy.
    hope she’ll do well

  2. this album s still not out on yesasia :(

  3. Ervxiah:
    Yea, i’m jealous too :(
    Btw, Leeteuk does have a Wondergirls poster in his bedroom lol XDD

    Yesasia will probably not stock the Chinese version though. It’ll most likely only have the HK,TW, and Korean versions. Which is unfortunate, because the Chinese version is like, 10 times cheaper.

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