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DBSK talks about girls, confessions etc.

Elune at Soompi asked it to not be taken out of Soompi, so go to this page to read it :D (It’s got big red letters at the start, kinda hard to miss)

I think this interview is the second part of their “Pinky” interview (I’ve posted that up here)

They talked about their ideal girls, the confessions that they’ve said to girls, their “punch lines” and what they like to hear from girls (take notes!)

Because the poster asked it to not be taken out, I’ll just quote a few lines (that’s ok, isn’t it?)

The boys were asked to share their “punch lines” for when they confess, and Yunho said:”Me? I wouldn’t say anything. I will just kiss her right away. It’s easier.” *faints* I would DIE if he did that to me, it’s so romantic *–* But obviously Changmin didn’t think so, because immediately after Yunho said that, Changmin went “Isn’t that a crime or something?” LOLOLOLOL XDDDD HE’S SO CUTE, I WANT TO FEED HIM CUPCAKES

Yunho’s “ball point pen and bed” theory is also….interesting? But I won’t paste that, because it’s kinda long, and I’d feel bad for stealing too much of the post XD

In the interview, the boys mentioned that 4 of them have received confessions before, but Changmin hasn’t. But you know, that’s obviously because I haven’t been able to get within 100 metres of them ^^;;;;;;. Changmin also mentioned that one of the things he looks for in a girl, is someone who can make him laugh; one of the major things that I look for in a guy, is someone who can make me laugh, so you know, we should totally date, because then we can make each other laugh XDDDD HEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The boys were also asked what “special” things they would do for their girlfriend, and I have to post Jae’s answer, because GAH, SO SWEET:

I could be a husband that would cook for my wife everyday, probably for dinner too. But please wash the dishes on your own and work hard…then i’ll buy you whatever you desire. But for cleaning, let’s work together. I’ll also listen to your problems like your friends would. Since i have 8 sisters i can understand most of what’s going on girls’ minds.

ISN’T HE THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!?! I NEED someone who can cook, seriously, I nearly burnt my house down from making TOAST. Though I think that if he bought me “whatever I desire” then he’ll be broke in a week xP But it’s so cute how he said that he understands girls’ minds, he can totally give me lessons, because, despite the fact that I am a girl, I still don’t understand girls. at all. I pity psychiatrists XDDD.

Anyway, like I said, VERY cute interview, so go over to Soompi now and read the whole thing :DDDD


  1. i love jaejoongs coment so sweet

  2. And this is why I love your blog so much because you are so up to date with things on the boys. You have no idea how much i was like spazzing when i read the title and Yunho’s and JJ’s comment *GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* <3 x infinity. Yunho’s punchline was just so romantic and like direct (me like me like xD) and JJ is soooooo sweet. I would love to have a guy that would just listen to my problems and cook for me hahahahaha. SPOIL ME ROTTEN JAEJOONGIE xDDD. Now I am off to read the rest of Elune’s post at Soompi. Thanks for posting this pinkandsparkly!!!!

  3. hey dearies…!
    found out about this girl from malaysia. her dad is the organizer for the boys back in malaysia and she’s so lucky that she even went to korea and took pictures with xiah’s family and so on..
    i’ll just give u guys the link

    or this is her friendster mail

    but prepared to have ur blood pressure raised way high up after seeing the pictures.

    tell me about it

  4. ervxiah:
    When you said “prepared to have your blood pressure raised way high up”, I was only expecting maybe a few pictures of her with the boys but BAM, i go to that site and I read that the boys have been in her car and look at all the goodies and signatures she has from them!! lol. So darn lucky. Nearly every pic had “This is my (insert DBSK merchandise) with DBSK’s signature and i was just like o____________________o. That girl is really lucky. I would be happy if I just met them once but she has so many of their signatures. Though, lol, the fact that she has their “personal” belongings is kinda freaky xD. Anyways, Thanks a lot for posting !

  5.’re welcome. thanks for spending the time glancing through the pics.

    i mean, i would already be satisfied if i’ve the chance to go to their japan concerts or even the seoul ones. *i’ve been to their malaysia’s one though.

    she even took pictures with xiah’s family??!!! having most of their signature. and signatures on her merchandise. hahaha. was ur blood pressure after that? lols
    i guess i understand ur reaction or i can even imagine ur reaction. lols.

  6. hold on!
    not only that. she has their PERSONAL BELONGINGS?

    i mean..even underwear? *coughs..this is getting freaky though. hahahaha

    owels. still envy her. (:

  7. Clover1001:
    He’s such a sweet little squishy <3333

    You’re welcome <333
    I loved Yunho’s comment too, it’s SO romantic *faints*
    I would DIEEEE if Jae ever cooked for me, he’s going to make SUCH a good husband one day, I’m so jealous of his future wife *—–*

    Thanks for the link!
    I went there….it was scary :PP
    I am so jealous that you got to go to their malaysia concert!!!!!!
    And GAH, jealous of that girl too.
    But…..why does she have their personal belongings……=.=…..i didn’t see any pictures of their personal belongings, but if she has them, then that’s just FREAKY, like, border-line stalker freaky o.O
    Btw, Junsu’s brother is so cute :D

  8. i’m sorry…but i don’t find the interview…where can i find it?? i clicked the link you gave me, but it went into that info about the boy’s singles…i really want to read it!! *sighs*

    am i being mighty stupid or am i just so careless that i miss the interview…please tell me where it is.

  9. Bumping….

    Anyway, I’m satisfied with Jaejoong’s statement.. minus the part where he’ll buy the girl what ever she desires.

    I feel that it’s not a necessity for a man to have to buy his woman “anything’ she desires. And if anything, I would want to earn that money by myself to buy the things I want.

    In general, I like a guy with a huge heart, not a huge wallet. Looks, and money could just be a bonus but by themselves, they means nothing to me.

    The confessions were cute. I wouldn’t miss Yoochun’s confession!! Definitely not! Yunho’s one was very sweet and I think all Junsu, Changmin and Jaejoong’s one were very cute.

    I wouldn’t understand Jaejoong’s ‘fess up. but all in all, great interview!

  10. Hahahaha, well,…. i burnt my house down just boiling water for hot chocolate -_- but honestly im glad that happened because i hated that town my house was in!!!!!!!

    But i reallllllyyyy want to read the whole thing! :/

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