Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 29, 2008

DBSK “Happy Together” screencaps

Credit: Δ△゛森mmノ @ Baidu DBSK Bar

many more pictures here

I haven’t watched it yet, because it hasn’t been subbed. But you can go to Yoochunsa64b‘s channel here to watch it (there are 9 parts). Basically, the MCs and the guests go to a spa, and do a talk show there, and one of the segments is a “song memorisation” challenge in a sauna.

Can’t wait to watch this with subs, the pictures are making me LOL. Especially the one that I uploaded ^^^^, it looks like they’re wearing fish bowls on their heads XD Reminds me of the time Heechul wore a fish bowl on his head in EHB lol….

I don’t understand why they’re all wearing those little towel hats, but they look so cute ^—^

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